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Issue ID

When filtering on a Boolean table calculation, the filter would sometimes disappear after saving if the calculation compared two strings using the ATTR aggregation. This issue has been corrected, and the filter is no longer removed.

Optimized performance related to Oracle metadata queries.

Date labels with tick marks aligned 'Up' were sometimes truncated despite available space.

Tableau stopped responding after opening workbook with ATTR aggregation on Color.

Extracts created in versions 6.0 and earlier are no longer supported in Tableau Desktop 8.0. You will be prompted to upgrade when connecting to the old extract. Upgraded extracts can be used only in Tableau 8.0 and later. If you need to continue using the old extract with an earlier version, make a copy of the extract before connecting to it in version 8.0.

Optimized performance by eliminating the retrieval of metadata for the first table presented in the Single Table list. The metadata is now retrieved after a table is selected.

Not all provincial boundaries in Afghanistan were displaying due to spelling discrepancies. Aliases were added to ensure Admin 1 boundaries display for all countries using most common spellings. In some cases, when using a WMS server, the boundaries may be difficult to see using the default color. Adjust the default border color to make these boundaries more prominent.

Queries that resulted from context filters were sometimes taking longer than expected when the CAP_QUERY_SUBQUERY_QUERY_CONTEXT option was enabled.

Garbled Japanese characters or non-characters were being displayed with Aster database connections.

Wildcard quick filters would not update the filter with modifications made directly after the quick filter was shown.

A new utility, Tableau.com, is now included with Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public, and installed in the bin folder. This utility is for updating extracts on Tableau Server without first having to update them locally. See Tableau Data Extract Command-Line Utility for more information.

Geographical details pertaining to China were incorrect in Tableau mapping. Guangdong was incorrectly spelled, Zhongshan was not shown in the correct location, and other locations (Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau/Macao) were not identified as parts of China.

Marks based on a single measure or dimension placed on Detail were not displaying when the sheet was added to a dashboard.

Tableau 8.0 has over 90 new features, including web and mobile authoring, visual analytics improvements to help you answer deeper questions of your data, and support for new cloud data sources such as Salesforce.com and Google Analytics. Tableau 8.0 provides features to help you integrate Tableau in your existing systems with a new JavaScript API and the ability to subscribe to views on Tableau Server. Finally, with a completely rewritten rendering engine and rendering right inside the browser, you'll see improved performance.

The last column of data exported to Microsoft Excel was transposed into a separate column for each value. The problem occurred when there were multiple data sources, and it affected both the Worksheet > Export > Crosstab to Excel and the Worksheet > Copy commands.

When connected to Microsoft Analysis Services data sources, dimensions in the Data window would turn gray (unavailable) when the Measure Names field was added to a view.

Incorrect subtotals were being displayed for calculated fields. Totals were not summing results of individual calculations (rows), but re-running the calculation on the Totals row.

Color encoding changes for calculated fields were incorrectly reverting to the default colors with a live connection to Microsoft SQL Server databases. The problem occurred when re-opening a saved workbook with a live connection (.twb), when publishing to Tableau Server, or when changing from an extract back to a live connection.

The version validation performed when connecting to SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) was incorrectly identifying some versions as not meeting the required minimum of version 7.0.

Map labels for the Edo state in Nigeria were mislabeled as Ekpomo.

Mark labels are no longer considered when selecting an area in a view. Formerly, if you drew a box around an area to select marks, and that area included any part of the label for a mark outside the box, the mark would be included. You can still select labels by clicking them directly.

Paper size now defaults to A4 for printing to PDF when the Measurement System is set to Metric in Control Panel > Region and Language > Formats tab > Additional settings > Measurement system.

The application would unexpectedly exit when changing the aggregation of a continuous field on Color after specifying a specific Start or End value for the color ramp.

Reference lines for totals would not appear in views with two continuous axes where one axis was a continuous date.

Data validation (to verify that the result set is not empty) for Custom SQL and multi-table connections is no longer performed. The validation could take a very long time if the tables being verified were large, even if the connection returned only a small subset of the data. Data validation was previously controlled by the CAP_SKIP_CONNECT_VALIDATION option. This option is no longer necessary.

An issue with connecting to Vertica 5.1 with the 5.1 driver has been resolved. Tableau now uses the 4.1 driver instead of the 5.1 driver for Vertica 5.1 and lower. This change is based on advice from Vertica.

Tableau Server (Back to top)
Issue ID

Very large vizqlserver logs were being generated with multidimensional data sources.

Embedded views in dashboards were not always displaying correctly in Internet Explorer 9.

Quick filter parameters in a url for a workbook using a Microsoft Analysis Services data source were not being passed to the workbook.

Tableau Server was failing to account for daylight savings time for some scheduled tasks.

Tabadmin restore was checking the available free space on the drive where the backup was located, rather than on the drive where the temp directory used for the restore, service.temp.dir, was located.

The Administrative view Space Usage was updated to include data about data sources as well as workbooks.

Editing multiple data connections to the same data source with Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) authentication caused Failed to edit keychain of Workbook error.

The document mode for Internet Explorer (IE) was changed to take advantage of newer CSS features. Previously, all pages rendered using IE 8 standards even when using IE 9. Now loading a view in IE 9 uses the IE 9 standards.

Some subgroups were not being synchronized when a tabadmin syncgroup was executed. The issue was when synchronized nested Active Directory groups with members of sub-groups having the same name but on different levels on the tree.

The version of Apache HTTP Server in Tableau Server has been upgraded to version 2.2.22 to incorporate security fixes. This upgrade also resolved potential SSL trusted-ticket scenarios, where SSL cookies could be set without the secure flag, which could allow cookies to be consumed over non-SSL channels.

A Ruby on Rails patch to address Denial of Service and Unsafe Object Creation Vulnerability in JSON has been applied. For details on this patch, see this discussion in the Ruby on Rails Google Group.

When accessing the Tableau Server PostgreSQL database directly from the primary server machine, it was possible to connect using a blank password. Blank passwords are no longer accepted. Refer to Connecting to the Tableau Server Database to learn more about connecting to this database.

The server was not displaying 'out of memory' errors, which gave the impression that it was still processing after it had stopped responding.

Tableau app for iPad would fail when the url contained more than just the protocol and the host name. For example, http://SERVERNAME/ would cause the application to fail, but http://SERVERNAME (without the trailing forward slash) would not.

Numerous changes have been made in Tableau Server to address Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance issues.

The tabadmin set option vizqlserver.protect_sessions is now set to true by default. This change prevents VizQL sessions from being reused after the original user logs off.

Default SSL cipher in Tableau Server now uses SSL 3 and the latest Apache OpenSSL default cipher.

The tabadmin set option wgserver.password_autocomplete.enabled is now set to false by default. This setting controls whether web browsers are allowed to automatically complete password fields.

Every other horizontal header along the bottom of a view was omitted when loading the view as a .png image in a web browser.

Viewing a workbook that connects to a Tableau Server data source that is set up to prompt user for authentication, would sometimes succeed with an incorrect username if it was paired with the exact same password that was used when publishing the original data source.

A 404 error was returned by Internet Explorer when opening a view with authentication set to prompt user.

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