Domain Group minimizes the response time to business needs with Tableau

Largest real estate data warehouse - 20 terabytes
Minimized response time to the needs of a business.

Domain Group is one of Australia's leading property portals, representing an ecosystem of multi-platform real estate businesses. They deliver property-marketing solutions for the residential, developer and commercial real estate markets while using the latest marketing intel to attract qualified buyers, sellers, renters and investors to their platform. Over the past five years, Domain Group has been growing exponentially and has become known in the industry for their innovative approach to property marketing.

In the past, the sales department would receive monthly or quarterly updates across different product offerings of Domain Group in the market, but these teams now have direct access to the insight.

Domain Group's rapid growth outpaced the evolution of its data offering. As a result both the speed/flow of the data and the availability of actionable insights was quite limited. With most of the data flowing in Domain Group's data warehouse through the standard ETL process, the data warehouse became the key source of truth for the business.
In the past 2-3 years the state of Domain Group's data has been completely transformed. This was made possible by training almost every staff member of the business, turning them into an army of JRN data analysts. This resulted in them looking to technology like Tableau.

Domain Group has more than 700 employees across Australia, with almost 300 staff active users of Tableau. The primary users of data within the business are the sales, product, marketing and the strategy teams. Given the real estate market is one of the most active and dynamic markets in Australia, a traditional approach to dealing with data would not have worked. Domain Group has a rich and large data set with more than 20 terabytes of information stored in an in-house data warehouse. Tableau provided a mechanism by which Domain employees could easily explore and interrogate their own data.

Decision-making within a span of minutes with live data

Domain Group is made up of multiple departments that perform different functions within the business. The main users of Tableau are the Insight and Data team as well as the Content and Audience division. There is also the product, technology and strategy departments, who are all leveraging data in their own ways. The strategy department - who are entrusted with making critical decisions regarding the macro movement of the business - are able to get access to actionable data within minutes. The sales team use Tableau to generate real-time insights for their clients. With almost 200 sales representatives who serve more than 13,000 real estate agencies, Tableau has enabled these members of Domain to become their client's trusted advisor and provider of market insights.

Prior to Tableau the sales department were dependent on the marketing department to provide them with insights, which soon became untenable with the company growing so quickly. Whereas in the past data-led updates and insights were provided monthly (and sometimes quarterly), the business now has access to insights in real-time. The ability to access the data live proved to be a step-change for the Domain business. Tableau gave Domain Group the ability to quickly and easily access data critical for insight-led decision-making.