Tableau Server on Amazon EC2: Technical Guide (Windows)

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Hosting and configuring Tableau Server on Amazon EC2

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a reliable, scalable, secure, and high performance infrastructure for the most demanding web applications and an infrastructure that matches IT costs with customer traffic patterns in real time. As an enterprise business intelligence platform, Tableau Server provides comprehensive and robust capabilities for all aspects of business intelligence. These capabilities are quick and easy to deploy, and require minimal, if any, customizations. The core architecture of Tableau Server also runs two of the largest data platforms in the world: Tableau Online and Tableau Public.

This whitepaper provides technical guidance on how to deploy and configure Tableau Server on AWS with Windows. It also outlines key integrations and configurations unique to AWS products that enable you to use Tableau Server to best meet your needs.

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Tableau has been a wonderful addition to Netflix's toolset. We have seen it grown from a niche analytic tool to become the main component of our enterprise reporting platform.

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Tableau 帮助人们将数据转化为可以付诸行动的见解。探索无所不能的可视化分析。只需点击几下即可构建仪表板,进行即兴分析。与任何人共享自己的工作成果,对公司发挥更大影响力。从全球性企业到早期初创企业和小企业,使用 Tableau 来查看和理解数据的人无处不在。