Learn how Tableau Software leverages marketing technology and data to drive better performance within the demand funnel. See how becoming a data-driven marketing organization can dramatically increase marketing attributed revenue and customer retention. Examples of using analytics and data to optimize the demand funnel include:

Attend this webcast and see how to analyze:

  • SEO & Inbound Tactics
  • Digital Advertising
  • Landing Page & Email Testing
  • Predictive Analytic Lead Scoring
  • Telemarketing Campaigns & Account Targeting
  • Territory Optimization
  • Closing the Loop – Impact & ROI

The possibilities are endless for making each phase of the revenue funnel more effective with next-generation marketing tools. Join this webcast and learn how to leverage analytics and marketing automation to achieve better lead management and revenue performance.

This is one of a five-part marketing focused webinar series:

  1. Social Media Metrics: How to Measure and Optimize Your Marketing
  2. Infusing Analytics Into Your Modern Marketing Mix
  3. Leveraging Analytics for Better Search Marketing Performance
  4. Executive Dashboards: How to Measure Marketing’s Impact
  5. Measuring Engagement: Three Metrics that Matter


Wade Tibke

Sr. Director of Marketing Operations, Tableau Software

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