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Priority Healthcare speeds insights, grows closer to their data

Data is critical to success at Priority Healthcare. Tableau has enabled their organization to not only improve their bottom line, but also improve people’s health and quality of life. In this video, you’ll hear from Medical Informatics Consultant, Luke Wilson, about how Tableau allows him to turn data into insight.

Bridging the healthcare data divide

Healthcare payers are now tasked with uncovering insights in their data to inform decision-making. With more data in more places, finding these insights is often challenging.

Tableau takes the pain out of healthcare analytics. Connect to any data, then drag and drop to visualize at the speed of thought. You can continue to iterate when you have more questions, so you’ll never stop finding value in your data. Whether you’re looking to reduce fraud or improve case management at your organization, you can easily accomplish your analysis with a single tool. We think it’s time to finally get a holistic view of patients, identify and manage risks, and comply with newer regulations efficiently and effectively.

Orchestrating a BI Revolution at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Reform and the Affordable Care Act are driving changes in modern day healthcare. Payers and providers are challenged to empower their frontline staff with actionable insights, all without significant IT intervention. See how Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is leveraging visual analytics and data discovery to manage changing compliance regulations, risk mitigation, patient information, and efficient Population Health management in this webinar.

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Where do insurers pay the most?

Several factors determine how much healthcare insurers pay for patient care. This visualization from Tableau Partner, Decisive Data, explores which variables affect the overall cost for insurers and where the insurance dollars are spent.

Five Best Practices to Enable Population Health Management

Payers need access to better data insights in order to improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes beyond incremental change. Are you enabling your staff to answer questions that enable Population Health Management? Read this paper to learn about the best practices you should be implementing today.

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Every day we find another use case for Tableau and we find more value, and it is really helping us run our business more effectively, but also service our customers more effectively.

Do your analytics tools slow you down or speed you up?

Whether you're monitoring case management or tracking dollars spent on a specific disease, Tableau takes the pain out of healthcare analytics by allowing you to quickly and easily visualize your data—no scripting required. You can connect to almost any data, anywhere.

Watch the video on the right to see how easy it is to drag and drop your data into beautiful visualizations with Tableau.

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