Big Data, Big Opportunity

Watch the Video

Watch the Video

Find out from Tableau customers how visualizing and analyzing data with Tableau can turn big data into big opportunity.

Big data applies to data sets whose size is beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, manage, and process data in a timely fashion.

Learn how these organizations are visualizing and analyzing data to turn their big data into big opportunity:

  • David Stone, Senior Manager – Analytics Platform, eBay
  • Tom Hudgins, Solutions Engineer, EMC
  • Lloyd Tokerud, Analytics Manager, First Choice Power
  • Scott Burrill, Partner & Managing Director, Rosenblatt Securities
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世界正按照这种大数据模式缓慢发展,我们正在意识到自己能够从数据库中获得的力量。 以前,我们没有能力妥善发掘那些力量。 现在有了 Tableau,我们可以将注意力更多放在数据上。

关于 Tableau

Tableau 帮助人们将数据转化为可以付诸行动的见解。探索无所不能的可视化分析。只需点击几下即可构建仪表板,进行即兴分析。与任何人共享自己的工作成果,对公司发挥更大影响力。从全球性企业到早期初创企业和小企业,使用 Tableau 来查看和理解数据的人无处不在。