MEDIA ALERT: Inova Translational Medicine Institute Adopts Tableau for Precision Medicine

Researchers analyze family, newborn genomic data for targeted treatment to enable superior outcomes


Tableau Software (NYSE:DATA), a global leader in rapid-fire, easy-to-use business analytics software, today announced at the Digital Health Summit at CES, that Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI) has adopted Tableau to help understand complicated clinical data paired with immense amounts of genomic data generated from families enrolled in ITMI studies. Actionable insights delivered by Tableau’s self-service data discovery and visual analytics enable ITMI to deliver unprecedented health insights with the goal of accelerated health and wellness discovery for improved patient outcomes.

“Precision Medicine, and in particular molecular testing, are generating huge amounts of data that are already impacting the way we treat our patients at Inova. In order to leverage this data effectively, we need superior tools to better understand it and realize its full potential”, said Aaron Black, Director of Informatics at ITMI. “With Tableau, our doctors and researchers are able to quickly and easily look at our large and dynamic clinical and molecular datasets in order to analyze individual or groups of variables. Armed with this ability, we can better determine their impact across our large and diverse patient population at Inova.”

Using a number of Tableau products, including Desktop, Server, and Mobile, ITMI is enabling research to proactively identify biomarkers in order to personalize treatment for families, based on genomic data from the infants as well as both parents. In addition, ITMI is integrating genomic data with patient health information, using Tableau Software to proactively identify trends and patterns that could lead to unprecedented health insights.

“Tableau has allowed us to truly democratize our data, taking it out of the hands of our data managers and put it directly into the hands of the researchers who need to understand it,” said Black. “This allows us to get more value out of the data, and give our researchers the opportunity to explore questions they may not have ever asked before. “When our leadership originally had the idea to conduct research at ITMI roughly five years ago, we didn’t have a way to truly visualize and quantify the results,” said Black. “Now, they can see their vision come to life on a tablet with Tableau.”

‘Precision Medicine’ or ‘Personalized Medicine’ is the Holy Grail of healthcare and is predicated on genomic data driven actionable insights for delivery of targeted treatment for each patient assuring superior outcomes,” said Andy De, managing director for healthcare and life sciences at Tableau. “Tableau empowers doctors, clinicians, nurses and researchers with the actionable insights they need to make life impacting decisions at the point of care. Inova Translational Medicine Institute is a pioneer in Precision Medicine with its game changing innovation paving the way for targeted healthcare delivery, and we’re honored to be their partner in accomplishing these quality of life impacting goals.”

About Inova Translational Medicine Institute
The Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI) not-for-profit research institute delves into the genomics component of personalized medicine, utilizing genomic and clinical information from patients to develop innovative methods for personalized patient care. Studies at the Institute generate a large genomic and clinical data set that can be used as data in a variety of fields, from computational biology to psychology and biomedical research applications. ITMI utilizes this information to better characterize and predict the onset of disease with the goal of implementing preventive medicine based on the unique genomics of the individual patient.

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