Path Implements Tableau Software at Rio de Janeiro’s Disque Denúncia (Hotline) in Just Two Days

With Tableau, analysis that took more than a week will be completed minutes

发布日期: 2012/09/17

“The time between action and the solution is the greatest ally when dealing with crime,” according to the coordinator of the Rio de Janeiro Disque Denúncia (Hotline), Adriana Nunes. Nunes characterizes technology as a priority in boosting the process between the abstraction of the complaints made by the public and the transmission of the information to the police.

The Hotline, founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the 1990s to receive anonymous information about criminal activities, decided to implement a business intelligence solution. The critical mission, in this case, was to find a system that would allow speed and comprehensiveness in the analysis, characteristics that the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) found in Tableau Software, analysis technology that was implemented by Path, a Brazilian consultancy in the IT governance area and national representative for the solution.

With a daily volume of 450 complaints, generating 13,500 telephone contacts per month, the Hotline began to use Tableau on the day following its implementation, which took only two days. “In the first analysis with Tableau, what previously took a week, took only 30 minutes to complete. This feature has given us the most dynamic diagnoses for the submission of information to the relevant bodies, thereby promoting the crime solutions in much less time,” says Nunes.

In less than a month, the Hotline had made use of Tableau to trace diagnostics in the orientation of public policies, a demand that was allowed by the flexibility of the software. It has also provided Rio de Janeiro police commanders information on crime rates in relation to each region, mapped by streets, using Tableau connected to Google Maps.

“Tableau’s speed and ease of use enabled us to meet an increasing volume of data without the need for many people to perform the analyses. The handling of the system is simple and complete at the same time, which provides agility in decision making,” said Nunes.

“This project shows the flexibility of Tableau, independent of the industry. Here, the analysis tool is used to save lives,” said Path’s general director, Veronica Simões, who continues to provide full-time advisory services for the Hotline.

The NGO was founded in Rio de Janeiro and is managed by the Brazilian Institute for Crime fighting (IBCC). It has become a model with respect to public-private partnership. Business and community leaders concerned about the public safety crisis plaguing Rio de Janeiro in the 1990s created an independent civil movement which, since then, is responsible for conducting the project in partnership with the Secretariat of Security and has become the main channel of communication between the police and the general population.

For the 2014 World Cup, according to Nunes, the Hotline is anticipating supporting the police using Tableau’s technology. “Tableau is an excellent tool for developing risk analysis reports. In the World Cup we will use the solution with the aim of defining diagnostics by previously defined regions, according to the Secretariat of Security guidelines. The system can offer real-time information concerning the possible occurrences during the event.”