WDC Generator, New Podcast among Best of the Tableau Web

Just when we think we know everything there is to know about Tableau, the Tableau community delivers yet another delightful surprise. It’s so inspiring to see Tableau users stretch their imaginations to push the boundaries in ways we never anticipated.

Tableau Zen Master Adam E. McCann reimagined his own work visualizing tenures of US Supreme Court justices as arcs of time!

And in his characteristic minimalist style, Ramon Martinez offers a master class on visualization best practices with this exploration of Chile’s earthquake occurrences across space and time.

Pay close attention to the compact layout, the subtle choice of colors, the navigation setup, the use of actions, and, most importantly, performance (which depends to a large extent on the design choices you’ve made). It is, in many ways, the perfect dashboard! And with the USGS Earthquake web data connector, you can now connect to earthquake data directly from Tableau.

Those are just a few of the many gems in this month’s roundup. Check out the rest of the best of the Tableau web:

Beyond the Basics

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Tableau Server

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Tableau After Dark Automate backup of Tableau Server
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Bonus: Tableau for your Ears

And there's a new Tableau podcast to add to your playlist of data-centric podcasts. Tune in to Tableau on Tableau, "a weekly discussion about concepts affecting the world of data."

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