For most people, a visit to the doctor is a burdensome experience. Sitting in an uncomfortable waiting room, usually waiting for bad news is the typical expectation. This cliché couldn’t be further from the truth when visiting our Tableau Doctors. At Tableau Conference 2014, our doctors are one of the most popular areas to visit. It’s here that any customer can have a one-on-one interaction with a Tableau expert and get their most distressing question answered. Throughout the week, 72 doctors will be on hand to answer customer queries, large or small, from sun up to sun down.

TC14 Doctor Appointment

In just the first few hours of TC14, the doctors have responded to a wide range of questions. Some have been straight forward and answered quickly, like:

  • How can I write a calculation to remove duplicate data in my visualization?
  • Can I replicate my If-Than statements from Excel in Tableau?
  • How can I get my data to change colors when a certain percentage threshold is met?

While others questions have required a full 30 minute conversation, like:

  • What are some best practices we can implement internally to get the most out of our Tableau Server deployment while increasing access and usage?

Tableau Doctor

Don’t be shy to stop by. The only bad question is the one never asked. Our Tableau Doctors are available Tuesday – Thursday in TCC (The Conference Center), level 2 from 7:30AM – 6:00PM. Come see us for your annual doctor appointment!



Though there are many online doctor appointment sites, some of the service providers are not able to provide accurate results while calculating invoices, establishing effective connections with patients and various other issues. Tableau doctors are doing a great job by interacting with customers personally in order to educate them on the correct way to use it. AarogyaData in India is on a similar kind of venture.