This weekend Tableau Online will get Tableau's newest release, 8.2. Tableau 8.2 is still in beta for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server users. By upgrading Tableau Online early we can make sure that Tableau Online users can publish 8.2 workbooks as soon as the release is available. And beta users will be able to publish right away.

The most important thing that Tableau Online users should know is that this update doesn't require an upgrade of Tableau Desktop. We encourage you to upgrade when Tableau Desktop 8.2 is available, but you can do it on your own schedule.
Three other things to know about the upgrade:

  1. Tabcmd. If you are using tabcmd with Tableau Online, you will need to download a newer version. Unfortunately, the old version will not work with the new updates. You can find the new tabcmd executables here: 32-bit version and the 64-bit version.
  2. Web editing. Any workbook modified with web editing in Tableau Online will not be editable by Tableau Desktop 8.1 after this upgrade. If you are regularly using the Web Editor, you may continue to do so, but you will need to download Tableau Desktop 8.2 when it becomes available.
  3. The OpenSSL security vulnerabilities that came out last week will be addressed in this version of Tableau Online.

And watch this space to find out more about 8.2 and when the release is live for all customers.



Awesome! Great decision to upgrade online first before desktop.

Maybe I missed this in 8.1, but my dashboards have a new "share" button that pops up when the cursor is over various worksheets in the dashboard. I'm almost certain this was not the case last week with the exact same dashboards. I like it, but I can't tell when/how it is applied? Some worksheets show the option while other worksheets do not show the "share" when the cursor hovers over the sheet. Is this a new 8.2 feature? I'm using Tableau Public Premium ( I assume this was part of the weekend upgrade).