Nominate a 2014 Tableau Zen Master

Do you know a passionate Tableau evangelist? Are they constantly seeking to help others visualize their data? They are a potential Tableau Zen Master. Throughout June, we are seeking your nominations for the 2014 Zen Masters.

The people you nominate need to be Tableau masters, teachers, and innovators. Maybe they write a fantastic blog? Or have fixed your problems on the Community? Or maybe they passionately talk about Tableau to everyone and anyone, wherever they are. Whatever they do, they do so with passion, integrity and modesty.

In order to make a nomination, please fill out this form. Complete a submission for each person you want to nominate. For each nomination you can include up to three reasons you think they qualify.

I would like to nominate a Zen Master

Some details about the process

  • Nominations close on Monday 24th June.
  • Further details can be found on the Tableau Zen Master page.
  • Please note that we don't choose purely based on the number of nominations from the public: we also use internal metrics and internal nominations.
  • The new class of Tableau Zen Masters will be officially announced at the Tableau Conference in Seattle.