Google just announced the 2014 I/O Developers' Conference. Last year they did something really interesting at the conference: they used a number of sensors to collect all kinds of data from motion to temperature-- 17 million data points in all. We got the data in Google BigQuery and used it to tell the story of the conference.

Here's an overview of readings in Moscone Convention Center's 3 floors during the event:

This video goes into how we used Google BigQuery and Tableau to explore the data and tell the story of the event. Google BigQuery was a good choice for storing the data because it was fast to set up and supported interactive query on millions of rows of data.

And here's the profile of sound (mic) throughout the conference. The big peak is during the Billy Joel concert:

Because both BigQuery and Tableau have a live connection and support real-time analysis, you'd be able to use this kind of system to monitor an event in real time-- to find out if the story is about to have an unplanned chapter.

This example was developed by Anthony Krinsky, Sales Consultant at Tableau Software, and myself, with input from James Chittenden, Google Cloud Engineer. It was a lot of fun to put together, and I hope Google decides to wire up Google I/O 2014 in the same way.