What happens when IT rigor meets business innovation?

Fireworks. Skepticism. Questions. Answers. Ultimately – big wins for all. When MBIA’s business users knocked on IT’s door with a request for Tableau, IT considered leaving it closed. Aware of their tight regulatory environment (MBIA answers to Sarbanes Oxley and the New York State Insurance Department) and traditional limitations on data access, IT required strict controls on who and how data could be accessed.

But the calls from the business were loud and insistent, too much to be ignored. After six months of debate and escalation, MBIA’s IT department opened the door. But only after their strict requirements were satisfied. MBIA is now rolling out Tableau – along with access to 20% more data than business users have had before.

Join Huirya Manzar, Senior Analyst, as she walks you through the journey of evaluating Tableau from the perspective of an IT department. In her Tableau Customer Conference session, “Unleashing Creativity While Maintaining Control: IT Rigor Meets Business User Innovation,” Huriya will address topics such as ensuring accuracy and consistency of report data, version tracking, translating database structures to end users, reducing Key-Person risk, and the best ways to catalogue reports.

She’ll convey how, with a proper framework in place, IT can be confident that accurate results are prepared by the business community and how report creation can move at the speed of the business. No longer in the critical path of report creation, she and her IT counterparts will now focus more on making the right data available.

Big wins for IT. Big wins for business.

Register for the Tableau Customer Conference coming up October 17-20 in Las Vegas to hear Huriya and over 25 other customer speakers share their Tableau experiences.