Tableau 6.1 Launch and Customer Stories Grab Attention

Tableau customers have never kept their love for speed-of-thought analytics a secret. Now with our launch of 6.1 and mobile BI, even ComputerWorld and the Financial Times are expounding on the benefits of Tableau.

We were thrilled when The Financial Times, often called “the Wall Street Journal of Europe,” covered our Tableau 6.1 release in their regular column, “Tech news for companies.” ReadWriteWeb, Information Management, AppScout, Computer Business Review, Enterprise Apps Today and DBTA also all covered the launch as an example of how BI is getting on the mobile fast-track.

Mobile is hot, but in Robert L. Mitchell’s ComputerWorld blog, “Reality Check,” he recounts how Tableau customer has been using the software, along with SQL, to handle the visualization of large data sets. According to’s Kerem Tomak, predictive analytics didn’t exist a year ago at the online retailer, but they’re quickly gaining momentum now that “it’s easier to understand a phenomenon visually.”

In GigaOm’s article “Data for doctors: Big data meets a big business,” Stacey Higginbotham discusses how Seattle Children’s Hospital found the cure for its data woes thanks to Tableau. The director of knowledge management, Ted Corbett, told GigaOm, “So far we’ve saved $3 million out of the supply chain, and using Tableau we can find new ways to eke out more savings.” Now that’s some ROI.

We’re thrilled Tableau products are getting the limelight, but we’re also proud to see some of our execs getting attention as well. Computer Business Review published an inspiring interview with our CEO Christian Chabot called “’We're a symbol of the consumerisation of enterprise technology’: Q&A with Tableau Software.” Yes consumerization is a word and no, it’s not misspelled– this is from the UK. Smart Data Collective, a Teradata sponsored blog roll-up, ran an interview with our own Ellie Fields, in “Pushing The Data Visualization Envelope,” while Tomorrow’s FM (Facilities Management) ran an article focused on Bruno Saint-Cast, VP of European Sales. Check out page 50 to read “Rapid-fire Business Intelligence.”

And as if all that wasn't enough, we love how publications like the San Jose Mercury News and The Wall Street Journal are using Tableau to get vizzes to the masses. Take a look at the venture cap viz the Mercury News posted, below.