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Realizing the Vertical with the Horizontal: Strategic Market Insights at Ingersoll Rand

In the world today, knowing your market is the key to knowing exactly where to focus and invest your efforts. This is achieved by identifying the strengths of each industry and capitalizing on that market to gain market share, revenue, and operating income.

Until recently, Ingersoll Rand’s marketing department had been limited in their capabilities to visualize the exact parameters of any specific vertical market within North America, or understand what piece of the market that they truly operate within. To help close this gap, the team launched an initiative to identify a tool to help answer these types of questions.

The ability to define the market landscape- versus the current vertical market mix of revenue- will help drive towards more efficient and accurate market segmentation, selection, and sizing.

In this 45-minute webinar, discover the impact Tableau and visual analytics reporting has had at Ingersoll Rand by:

  • Driving better marketing investments in promotions and branding
  • Providing insight to sales teams for local market strategic business planning
  • Giving insight/support throughout the year on specific initiatives needed to gain market share and revenue
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