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Başlık Uzunluk
  • Tüm - Endüstriler
Tableau ile Tanışın!

Tableau, Gartner Business Intelligence Magic Quadrant değerlendirmelerine göre son 7 yıldır veri görselleme ve iş zekası çözümlerinde dünya lideri pozisyonunu koruyor. Tamamen "sürükle-bırak"...

25 min
Elektronik Tablolarınızın Yapamadığı 5 Şey

Verilerinizden daha iyi sonuç almak için elektronik tablolarla yapabildiklerinizden çok daha fazlasını yapmanın beş önemli yolunu keşfedin.

Analiz aracı deyince çoğu insanın aklına doğrudan...

25 min
  • Financial Services
Einstein Discovery Technical Deep Dive, Hands-On Workshop

Financial institutions rely on data scientists to answer their most challenging questions, and this need has only grown over time. In the face of a shortage of qualified experts and an ever-...

56 min
  • All - Industries
Leveraging HR Analytics to Attract and Retain Top Talent

It has become increasingly difficult to attract and retain top talent with the new world we live in. Covid had an immediate impact on the job market reducing the workforce by 20 million. While the...

55 min
  • Financial Services
Einstein Discovery for Tableau - Intro for Financial Services, Hands On Workshop

A guided intro to Einstein Discovery - learn how to infuse cutting-edge intelligence into every dashboard you create.

Adding transparent and trustworthy predictions and prescriptions to...

59 min
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
Unlocking Customer Behavior to Optimize Loyalty and Service

By focusing on consumer behavior analysis, retail companies can improve customer loyalty and employee visibility into their customers’ pain points at every level of the organization. In one view,...

42 min
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
The Bullwhip Effect: Distortions in Data and Your Supply Chain

Over the course of the last year, supply chains have been majorly impacted by Covid-19. Clogged ports, manufacturing shutdowns, raw material shortages, and increased transportation costs, not to...

51 min
  • All - Industries
An Introduction to Tableau

Over 50 percent of your brain is dedicated to vision, decoding, and processing visual information. You are essentially hardwired for identifying visual patterns and outliers, fast. But, when you’...

102 min
  • Healthcare
Take Control of CMS Star Ratings through Actionable Analytics: Keys to Medicare Advantage Success

Each year, established Medicare Advantage health plans are given a rating by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). Plans are rated using the Star Ratings system, which scores each plan...

40 min
  • All - Industries
Data to see, data to understand, data to act: Tableau and Huel at Deloitte Experience Analytics 2021

Being an ethical and good earth citizen is a priority for individuals, for corporations and for governments alike. Customers want to align their buying decisions with their own values. Employees...

42 min