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Meet the 2021 Iron Viz Finalists

We are just weeks away from Tableau Conference and the ultimate visualization showdown—Iron Viz 2021—where three fierce contestants will take the virtual stage for an intense lightning round of live viz-tastic storytelling.

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Self-Service Analytics for Google Cloud, now with Looker and Tableau

Tableau and Google Cloud are partnering to help modernize your data and analytics infrastructure and unlock your data’s full value.

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Tableau AI in the flow of work with Slack-First Analytics

Earlier this year, we introduced Tableau for Slack to put data in the flow of work—and at the center of every conversation. Now, we’re putting artificial intelligence (AI) in the flow of work, too.

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Tableau Iron Viz champion Christian Felix

From Iron Viz to Tableau: One champion’s journey in data

In the history of Tableau Conference, perhaps no other event is as anticipated or revered as Iron Viz. Last year’s champion, Christian Felix, sums it up best. He says it’s a combination of science and art. Now an engineer at Tableau, Christian shares what his year in data has been like along with his tips for winning this year's competition.

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young man in turtleneck and blazer with man with glasses and white shirt and blue blazer

These Tableau Foundation leaders are fighting for racial justice and equity with data

Channing Nesbitt and Neal Myrick are setting big goals to help transform communities by enabling local grassroots organizations to fight systemic racism with data.

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Jo smiling and looking off-camera, wearing a yellow t-shirt and star earrings

Meet Jo Peach, a Tableau DataDev’s best friend

Creating and running programming for the 25,000-strong Tableau DataDev community is a tough job. Find out how our DataDev community lead, Jo Peach, cooks up unique programs to keep them engaged and inspired.

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TechCrunch: Google's Looker partners with Tableau to help people visually explore their data in real time. 

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Tableau Foundation

GovTech: Community Solutions uses Tableau to tackle homelessness across 89 communities.

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Business Insider: President and CEO Mark Nelson: The 'perfect leader to step it up' for Tableau's future.

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Diginomica: Bosch manufactures a data-driven culture with Salesforce Tableau analytics.

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