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Managing workspace and movement with data analytics for safe reopening

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, several social-distancing measures are used to slow down the spread of the infectious disease. Restricting the movement of people, limiting contact with others and...

44 min
  • Education
  • K-12 Education
A Data-Driven Approach to Supporting Students During COVID-19

Since COVID-19 has progressed across the country, school districts have been met with many unique and unprecedented challenges. As educators transition to remote learning, they need to ensure...

57 min
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
Introduction to Advanced Analytics

Welcome to the session on Advanced Analytics looking into how you can ask deeper questions of your data for deeper understanding and insight. Also looking at how you can utilise open source...

  • Retail & Consumer Goods
An Introduction to Mapping in Tableau

From custom background maps to spatial functions, we'll be stretching the boundaries of what you thought was possible with maps in Tableau. We'll be highlighting a range of tools that complement...

  • Retail & Consumer Goods
The Power of Visual Analytics

Welcome to the Power of Visual Analytics. In this session we dive into how Tableau enables users to explore and analyse their data. Taking you through how any user can begin to truly see and...

  • Retail & Consumer Goods
Preparing your Data for Analysis

Once you have completed this webinar series we want you to be able to dive straight into your analysis helping to drive decisions with your data. If this is to be the case you don't want to be...

  • Retail & Consumer Goods
Introduction to the UK Stockroom: Get to know the Tableau Platform

Welcome to the UK Stockroom. During this session we will discover the power of Tableau in an end-to-end data journey. We will take a look at how Tableau can, and is, used across Retail and...

36 min
Tableau 入门网络课程 - 如何利用 Tableau 帮助制造企业精细管控生产事件

我们邀请您参加 Tableau 线上入门培训课程, 在这次网络课程中将使用制造业数据,通过 Tableau 进行在线分析练习,仅需简单拖拉点选,无需编程,您便能迅速上手并展开数据分析,直观体验制造企业如何精细管理生产事件。


使用 Tableau 连接数据

130 min
Airtasker: Creating an Insights Platform for a Marketplace Economy

A year ago, Airtasker started using Tableau to meet its analytical needs and elevate its capability for faster insights. Understanding usage and trends on their platform is critical to improving...

48 min
  • Healthcare
Tableau on Using Data in Times of Crisis - HIMSS APAC Digital Dialogue

Tableau on Using Data in Times of Crisis - HIMSS APAC Digital Dialogue

Hear from Barry Chaiken, MD, MPH, Clinical Lead, Healthcare at Tableau on the use of data in driving the best decision...

79 min