Tableau gives people the ability to actually know the exact numbers behind things. I know the number of people that are coming. I know the number of people that have bought a certain ticket special. I know the next day we have a cap giveaway, so more people might be buying for that game.

Sarah Stone
Manager, Advertising & Marketing, Texas Rangers
Texas Rangers

Leverage data insights to help fight fraud, waste, and abuse

The U.S. Government spends trillions of dollars on benefits programs each year. Unfortunately, billions of those dollars are improperly paid, reducing the benefits to those who most rely upon them. Finding and mitigating fraud waste and abuse in these systems is an important function to which ICF, DLT, and Tableau have been focusing their efforts.

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Visualize Calendar Trends

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Looking for a new, intuitive way to visualize your patient data over time? Learn how to visualize your time-series data on a calendar within Tableau. When working with a variety of patient data use cases, such as managing unit capacity or volume at a call center, seeing the daily performance of a KPI often makes sense to display in a calendar view. A single snapshot often isn't enough to tell the true day-to-day activity level of your unit.

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