Looking to learn something new about Tableau? You're in the right place. The Talk Data to Me webinar series is here to make Tableau customers smarter by providing webinars on the most popular Tableau topics.

All sessions have been recorded and are available to watch at any time. Check out the topics to the right.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Mapping in Middle Earth

This webinar will explore all things mapping in Tableau. If your business has geographic data this webinar is for you.

30 min
Rapid Fire Tips & Tricks

Learn three Tableau tricks in this webinar.

30 min
Visualization Best Practices

Learn how to unleash the power of Tableau through designing interactive visual displays and dashboards by taking advantage of visual best practices and visual perception.

60 min
Hot Dirty Sets

This webinar will start at the beginning and then offer a fast ramp-up on the various methods for creating sets, a deeper dive into calculated sets, a look into combining sets, and tips and tricks

32 min
Forecasting with Tableau

Forecasting in Tableau is a simple as drag and drop, but how does Tableau's forecasting really work—behind the drag and drop? Join this webinar to find out.

30 min
How to Excel Using Tableau

Learn not only how to duplicate and improve Excel functionality in Tableau, but how to move beyond the constraints of rows and columns.

30 min
How to Excel Using Tableau, Part 2

More tips on how to duplicate and improve Excel functionality in Tableau and how to move beyond the constraints of rows and columns.

30 min
Let's Analyze Social Media Data with Tableau

See how Tableau's social media team is analyzing data from various social channels.

30 min
Become a Mix Master with Data Blending

Data blending is easy in Tableau, but have you ever wondered what's happening under the hood? Or how to troubleshoot? Or when a join should be used instead?

34 min
Data in the Wild: Transforming Excel, text, and other stuff into data you can use.

Learn how to transform all the flat files you work with into data you can analyze in Tableau.

31 min
LODs of Fun with Jedi Filters

Level of detail expressions (LOD) in Tableau have introduced an abundance of new capabilities for curious data geeks who wish to push the boundaries of Tableau.

30 min
Table Calculations: A First Foray

This webinar is an introduction to table calculations in Tableau. We will cover the basics of what table calculations are, how they are calculated, and several scenarios where they can be used.

30 min
Data Visualization Best Practices

These visualization best practices have been around for over 100 years. Join this webinar to learn what they are so you can apply them to your vizzes.

18 min
Unlock your Analytics: Tips for Sharing your Insights

Your Tableau Desktop analytics shouldn't be locked up in local files and email attachments.

30 min
Salesforce Canvas

Learn how to embed sales analytics right inside Salesforce.com using Salesforce Canvas and Tableau.

30 min
Beefing up Vizzes with Titles, Labels and Tooltips

Learn how textual information is as important as bars or circles.

30 min