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We believe in the power of data. Data empowers people to make informed decisions, helping you navigate change with confidence. A powerful resource everyone can use, data inspires creativity and connects people in vibrant communities. If you were not able to join us for Tableau Live Asia Pacific no problem! Check out these on-demand sessions to expand your analytics skills, solve challenges with innovation, and build resilient organizations.

Cybertrend Intrabuana PT

Five Times Tableau Award as Best Partner for Southeast Asia, Cybertrend proves their leading in market of AI, data science and data analytics solution for various industry. CYBERTREND helps to bring data analytics, data science and AI solution into the heart of day-to-day on industries. We are pleased to be consistently recognized by Tableau for our strong partnership and leading-edge work.
Cybertrend provides End to End Smart Solution for industries with enabling global digital transformation through Intelligence technology. Focusing in AI and data science solution, Cybertrend has company line of businesses as follow:
• Technology Principal Reseller & System Integration
• Data Analytics Solution with Deep Industry Domain Knowledge
• Consultancy and Support
• Own Product Innovation in area AI and Data Science
Tableau becomes as our platform foundation in data visualization layer for our solutions, services and products. We provide end to end Tableau services to our customers from reseller, consulting services, implementation services, knowledge update and support. With extensive experiences in various industry, we bring our best practice and deep expertise in data analytics and data science area in every trace of our services.