Tableau Day BNP Paribas Resources

Tableau Day BNP Paribas Resources

Thank you for participating to our Tableau event dedicated to BNP Paribas. Find all the assets we presented on October 17th right now on this page

A short video of the best moments of Tableau Day BNP will be posted shortly. Stay tuned !

Updates on the Tableau Community at BNP Paribas

We presented to you all the updates about the Tableau Community at BNP Paribas.

Find out on who we are and what we have to offer to improve your day-to-day with Tableau.

To not to miss out on the latest information about our community download all you need to know right here.

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Newest and upcoming features of Tableau

As Tableau, our mission is to help you see and understand your data.

That entails constantly adapting to the needs of our customer and finding new ways to help them better.

During this session, we presented the newest Tableau features in 2019.3 such as Explain Data, Tableau Prep Builder and Tableau Prep Conductor.

Get yourself up to speed on latest features, by downloading the content of the session right here.

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BNPP Testimonials

You had the chance to learn more about Tableau Users at BNP Paribas by participating to this session.

They shared their use case and best practices with you during this session.

Start by making most of it by taking a look at the content :

  • Find out how Tableau is used at Fortis, by Jonas Deprez - Product owner for the VIP SQAT AT BNP Paribas Fortis right here.
  • Learn more about how Tableau helped BDDF BNP Paribas with Eric Pavie - Program responsible AT BDDF BNP Paribas right here.
  • Get inspired by how BNP Real Estate uses Tableau with Willy Sommay - Head of CPM & Data BI Domain AT BNP Parisbas Real Estate right here.
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Your Beginner Track - Tableau Desktop Hands-On

New to Tableau? You attended this workshop to find answers to questions you did not know you had.

All you need to get started is here.

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Your Beginner Track- Tableau Prep Builder Hands-On

You wanted to learn more about Data Preparation?

Let's discover and try data preparation capabilities with Tableau Prep Builder, along with our self-service philosophy.

Find all you need for after this workshop right here.

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Your Advanced Track - Data Modelling

You attended this workshop designed for advanced users who have already created workbooks and analyses.

Have you ever asked yourself what's the more relevant for your datasource between a Join/Blend/Union etc ?

This is a chance to better understand different options in Tableau for Data Modelling

Find the answers you need by downloading all the content of the session right here.

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Your Advanced Track - Designing Efficient Workbooks

You are an advanced user, who has already created workbooks and analyses or you just want to start with good design practices,!

Do you encounter slow performance or are you just curious about best practices ?

Get a good overview of guidelines to design efficient workbooks to improve performance, by downloading the content of the session right here.

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