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Tableau Server 2020.1.7

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 2020.1.22, which contains additional fixes.

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Download Unavailable

The download file for this version has been removed due to the security issues currently identified in CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046. In order to address these security issues, you must update to the newest version of your desired Tableau product. For more information please see the Knowledge Article, Apache Log4j2 vulnerability (Log4shell)



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Tor, 30 Juli, 2020


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Changes were applied to improve security. See ADV-2020-039, ADV-2020-040, ADV-2020-041, ADV-2020-042, and ADV-2020-043 in Security Bulletins for more details.

Resolved Issues

Problem-id Beskrivning

Command "tabcmd publish --thumbnail-group" produced unexpected RuntimeException.


The 'Traffic to Views' would sometimes not load or have slow load times when on a specific Site Admin View.


User calculations and parameters with fixed precision numbers would sometimes not return the correct results from the database.


Map services on Linux would not respect the network forward proxy settings which caused map rendering to not complete.


Performance of connections to Data Server would degrade over time.

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