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Tableau Online 10.3




Ons, 31 Maj, 2017


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What’s New in Tableau Online

Tableau Online servers were upgraded to version 10.3. The following features and enhancements are new:

Web authoring

New features and enhancements related to web authoring and interacting with views on the web are now listed in What's New in Tableau for Users and Web Authoring and Tableau Desktop Feature Comparison.

Starting with version 10.3, topics on how to explore and edit content in Tableau Online have been moved to Tableau Help, which covers exploring, analyzing, and consuming data in Tableau. This help is for people who create workbooks or data sources and publish them, and for people who want to see, edit, interact with, and share views - in Tableau Desktop, Server, or Online.

To access these topics, see Using Tableau on the Web.

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Tableau Online sync client evolves into Tableau Bridge

The Tableau Online sync client has gained some new functionality and a new name to go with it. Use Tableau Bridge to maintain live connections to on-premises relational data. Bridge also takes on all of the functionality that was provided in the sync client for scheduling extract refreshes. Your existing schedules will continue to run as previously defined in the sync client.

Custom schedules for subscriptions

Note: This feature is being enabled gradually for Online customers, with full availability planned for July 2017.

Subscription schedules used to be limited to a set of standard options, but now you can receive emails on whatever schedule works best for you. To learn more, see Subscribe to Views.

Encrypted SAML assertions from Identity Providers

Tableau Online now supports encrypted SAML assertions from Identity Providers. To learn more about configuring SAML single-sign-on, see Enable SAML Authentication on a Site.

Site access for support users

Tableau Online administrators can allow approved Tableau support technicians to access their Tableau Online site to help troubleshoot a customer support case. To learn more, see Enable Support Access.