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Tableau Desktop 8.2.4

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 8.2.22, which contains additional fixes.

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Tis, 28 Oktober, 2014


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Resolved Issues

Problem-id Beskrivning

If you performed an action on a dashboard (select an item for example), then went to another dashboard, you could not clear the action when you returned to the original dashboard.


After using the clipboard from another application, copying data to the clipboard caused Tableau Desktop to unexpectedly close.


When you entered text in a horizontal container on a dashboard and cleared the Fixed width option, saving the workbook did not save the width and the Fixed width option was re-selected when you opened the workbook again.


Printing or printing to PDF from a Mac did not properly fit A4-sized dashboards on A4 paper.


Adjusting how totals are calculated (example: selecting a visible field, clicking Total Using > Average) a "Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use the / function, which cannot be computed locally" error appeared.


When using a workbook with a connection to an MSAS cube, if Windows locale settings were changed, some calculated fields showed incorrect results under some conditions.


In Tableau on the Mac, when publishing a workbook with an NTLM connection to SQL Server, the error “Unable to connect to the ODBC Data Source” occurred.


When renaming a workbook tab, you could not use the mouse to select some of the existing text.


When you used the Server > Open Workbook option in Tableau Desktop and selected Find By Project, the project list was empty.


On the Extract Data screen, when you selected Incremental refresh, an "All rows will be added" message was displayed rather than a message telling you how many rows would be added.


Extracts that were configured for incremental updates were causing a "Tableau data engine error: 8: The handle is invalid. - PC_NamedPipe : : Send (WriteFile)" error, while a full refresh would complete successfully.


If you selected a page orientation of Landscape when printing a worksheet or dashboard, this setting was ignored and the output was printed in portrait mode.


Pasting a list that was copied from Excel into a quick filter custom list on the Mac would result in the list getting concatenated as a single string rather than as the original list.


When you manually set the start, end and center values of a diverging color palette and some data points were outside the range, data points would show up as black on a view.


When connected to a multidimensional (cube) data source, performance was slow when dragging a hierarchical dimension to the view.


In Tableau Desktop, joining tables in Excel or text files with an inner join could result in dropped rows and changing the join to a left join would make the missing rows reappear.


Connecting to workbook with a connection to a stored procedure on the Mac caused the error: “[Simba][SqlServerODBC](60) Response error: Invalid object name ‘#tmp’.,. Unable to connect to the server ‘’.


In a workbook that contains a story, tooltip edits in a worksheet were not reflected in the story point until you refreshed the story point.


When you join tables that have duplicated column names, Tableau Desktop generates an alternate name for the duplicate. Creating an extract that uses the duplicate column could result in the alternate name being reverted to the original name and made unique by adding a 1 (version and version1, for example). This could cause errors in calculations if the alternate name was referenced.

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