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Population Health Analytics and Management - Four Best Practices

What is population health analytics? Population health analytics is using data to enable healthcare providers to make informed management and strategy decisions based on data analytics. How can...

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Top 8 Trends in Big Data for 2016

This past year was an important one for Big Data. More businesses realized that data, in all forms and sizes, is critical for the best possible decision-making. In support of this, we’ll continue to...

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Top 10 Cloud Trends for 2016

In 2015, the cloud technology landscape changed in ways that only a highly disruptive market can. From watershed innovation announcements to unexpected business moves, 2015 drove any last shred of...

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Three Paradigm Shifts Regarding Mobile Business Intelligence

Instant access to data has changed the way we live. Think about all the information we consume while waiting in line for coffee. It’s easy to check game scores, emails, and hundreds of news sources....

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Modern Manufacturing: 4 Ways Data is Transforming the Industry

Like it or not, manufacturing is moving faster and leaner as dated, status-quo business systems fall to the wayside. More than ever the manufacturing industry must organize and understand massive...

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Big Data on Campus: How IT Leaders Enable Higher Education Analytics

It is no secret that university educators and administrators alike need direct access to big data insights in order to drive measurable results. A tidal change is sweeping through places of...

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Tableau Cloud: Keeping Your Data Fresh

Tableau Cloud allows you to work with data stored anywhere—in the cloud and on-premises. Whether connecting live or refreshing with snapshots, you have the flexibility to leverage all your...

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Tableau Server on AWS

As a business intelligence platform, Tableau Server provides comprehensive and robust capabilities for all aspects of an organization’s analytics ecosystem. These capabilities are quick and easy to...

  • Industry Analysts

Big Data Use Cases: Getting Real on Data Monetization

Big data has made its way into the business world. This was confirmed as a central finding of “Big Data Analytics”, a BARC study from 2014 that examined the development of big data in Germany,...

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Advanced Analytics with Tableau

Advanced analytics is a critical component of modern business intelligence. In today’s organizations, data scientists need a platform they can depend on while business users need tools that simplify...