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My Tableau Story with Visionary Diego Parker

The My Tableau Story series showcases the evolving and inspiring experiences of Tableau Community leaders. This episode features Tableau Visionary and Ambassador, Diego Parker. 


47 min
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
How IDBS Help Healthcare & Life Sciences Accelerate R&D Using Tableau Embedded Analytics

Imagine if your healthcare & life sciences organisation could enable researchers and decision-makers with self-service analytics to help them find data-driven insights that accelerate R&D...

42 min
Salesforce on Tableau, People Analytics

Watch this session to learn how we use Tableau to drive employee success strategies for Salesforce People Analytics. 

By centralising real-time data about our global workforce, we can...

26 min
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Retail & Wholesale
How Retailers Can Deliver More for Less Using Supply Chain Analytics With Tableau

Have you ever wondered how retailers can use data analytics to reinvent supply chain’s and cut costs—even during economic uncertainty?

Join this live webinar to learn how Signet Jewelers—...

51 min
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
How Financial Services Can Personalise the Customer Experience with AI-Powered Analytics

Want to see how your financial services firm can create a personalised customer experience using AI-powered analytics—helping you compound the value of your customers?

Watch this demo to...

8 min
Efficiently Deliver More for Less with Supply Chain Analytics

Join us to hear how Signet Jewelers improves inventory planning through data-driven decision making with Tableau. During fluctuating demand, Signet Jewelers efficiently transfers product between...

51 min
How Insurers Can Create Competitive Advantages Using Geospatial Analytics in Tableau

Climate change is fast-changing the business environment for insurers. But insurers can reduce risk and create long-term competitive advantages by unlocking critical insights within their...

59 min
Productize Your Data with Tableau Embedded Analytics

Today is the economy for monetizing your data

We all see the headlines, feel the looming economy. Budget cuts, declining profits, it is everywhere. Nearly 40% of CFO's said they would cut...

19 min
Charting a Course: How Insurance Companies Can Use Geospatial Analytics in Tableau

With changing climate conditions, insurance companies need to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging their robust geospatial data…and there is a need for a modern analytics platform to do so....

59 min
What's New in Tableau 2022.4

Join us for an overview of the features in Tableau 2022.4

Tune in for an overview to hear about the latest features from 2022 Tableau Visionary, Marc Reid. He will walk you through the new...

4 min