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7 Trends in Cloud

Cloud computing and hosted solutions have forever changed how companies operate. As cloud solutions become a standard in business infrastructure, people are looking for cloud adoption strategies that work. Learn what Tableau is seeing in the data and analytics space as companies big and small take their analytics to the cloud.

Watch this on-demand webinar exploring new trends in cloud including:

  • How cloud data and earth-based data work together
  • Why IT is now championing the cloud
  • Why data fortresses are relics of the past
  • How identity works across different services

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Ellie Fields

Senior Director, Product Development

Ellie Fields is a Senior Director of Product Development. Prior to Tableau, Ellie worked at Microsoft and in late-stage venture capital. She has an engineering degree from Rice University and an M.B.A. from The Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Dustin Smith

Product Manager, Tableau

Dustin is a product manager at Tableau Software and focuses on the evolving data technology landscape. He initially joined Tableau’s pre-sales team in 2010 where he was involved in hundreds of BI and analytics deployments. Dustin has retained his passion for helping people with data and analytics and while at Tableau has played strategic roles in building the support community, launching new technology partnerships, and more recently working with customers who are making the leap to cloud technologies. When he isn’t busy drinking too much coffee, you can often find him knee-deep in Tableau Beta releases or Tweeting out useful Tableau resources.


Ashley Jaschke

Manager, Product Management, Tableau Software

Ashley Jaschke is a Manager of Product Management at Tableau responsible for leading the cloud strategy to maintain Tableau's position as a leader in cloud analytics. This includes managing the team driving efforts for Tableau Public and Tableau Online as well as working to expand Tableau’s cloud partner ecosystem and cloud data integration strategy. Prior to Tableau, Ashley was a Software Engineer for a virtual reality project at NASA followed by Oracle, where she worked on the E-Business Suite product. After Oracle, Ashley transitioned into Product roles at Amazon and Tableau. She holds a BS in Computer Science from Old Dominion University and an MSBA in Computer Information Systems from Colorado State University.


Jeff Feng

Product Manager, Tableau Software

Jeff Feng is a Product Manager at Tableau Software.

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