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Architecture & Integration: A Deep Dive

Have you struggled with what deployment architecture makes the most sense for your global enterprise? Have you wondered if high availability is for you? Have you considered how you are going to bring Tableau Server into your disaster recovery strategy?

Whether you are new to Tableau Server or are looking for a deeper insights into Tableau Server architecture to inform your deployments, this webinar is for you. We cover the basics of Tableau Server to get you started and then dive deeper into the architecture to help you make decisions about your own deployments. Tableau Server is not only easy to get started with, but also delivers enterprise level capabilities around governance, security, availability, scalability, performance. Check out the rest of the Enterprise IT Webinar Series

About the speakers


Neelesh Kamkolkar

Product Manager, Tableau Software

As product manager at Tableau, Neelesh Kamkolkar is responsible for the product planning and execution aspects focused on the Enterprise customer requirements. In his role, he represents the voice of the customers and partners in shaping the strategic vision and execution of the vNext enterprise features at Tableau. Prior to Tableau, Neelesh held various senior product management and engineering leadership roles at Doyenz, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Mercury Interactive.


Mike Klaczynski

Product Marketing Manager, Tableau Software

Mike has spent the last three years at Tableau learning, then teaching, and finally promoting a culture of analytics, both in business and media. He leads a team of interactive visualization experts whose work is seen worldwide.

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