DataFam Speaks: Timothy Vermeiren

The DataFam Speaks series highlights our amazing Tableau community members. Watch the video to learn more about Tableau DataDev Ambassador Timothy Vermeiren.

Timothy, during the day, is a passionate dataviz & analytics consultant with a comprehensive and deep knowledge of Tableau. Certified in both Tableau Desktop & Server, and versed in many related fields such as automation, embedding, and center of excellence, his knowledge spans all aspects of the Tableau products. At Biztory, he wears the hat of Head of Talent Development as well. Also during the day (because he likes to sleep at night), you'll find him running/jogging in Belgium, playing the guitar or drums (badly), listening to metal music, or simply enjoying a beer with his friends. Last but not least, he made it to 2018 Global Iron Viz Champion! Probably his biggest ambition of the decade, successfully tackled. Now, in 2020, he is honored to serve a term as a Tableau DataDev Ambassador.

DataFam inspiration

Timothy shares one of his inspirations from the Tableau community:

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Dive into the resource Timothy shares in his DataFam Speaks video:

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