New data viz brings fans closer to Team USA

Get to know Team USA in a whole new way with the power of Tableau. Explore our dashboard, find fun facts that go beyond typical sports stats, and see how data brings you closer to the action.

Meet Team USA

Over the next few weeks, 800-plus members of Team USA will converge in Tokyo to pursue their long-awaited Olympic and Paralympic dreams. These exceptional athletes will be competing in 339 medal events in 41 sports, including 22 Paralympic events, to be held in dozens of venues throughout Tokyo and surrounding regions.

From now until September 5th, fans across the country will be watching, cheering on, and celebrating Team USA. But as any superfan will tell you, you need more than color commentary or instant replay to appreciate the stories behind the glory.

You need data.

Fan-tastic data viz brings you closer to the action

We created Team USA by the Numbers to bring fans closer to Team USA by providing an experience that allows fans to explore the data, find cool insights, and be inspired to create their own analyses.

The Team USA by the Numbers viz is full of insights that go beyond the scoreboard. Instead of performance stats, fans will learn more in-depth details about the team itself. By connecting fans to Team USA with a dynamic, engaging experience, Tableau is helping Salesforce bring them closer to Team USA in an innovative way, like only Salesforce can.

Ready to dive in?

The Team USA by the Numbers viz is your ticket to unique insights about the team. Check out the data points below. 

  • How many Team USA athletes are from your home state? 
  • How many Team USA athletes went to your college? 
  • How many Team USA athletes are there per sport? 
  • How do shoe sizes compare from sport to sport on Team USA? (Yes, this is a thing!) 

But wait, there’s more (data)!

Ask anyone in the Tableau Community, and they’ll tell you that data has always been a team sport! Here are a few recommendations for ways to get connected during the Games:

  • Follow the community-led project #SportsVizSunday, and share sports-themed visualizations, including rich datasets from a wide range of sports. 
  • Join July’s #SportsVizSunday monthly challenge and explore the Olympian values of excellence, friendship, and respect through sports data.
  • Watch Creating a Viz at Record Speed on July 27, as Tableau Zen Master Simon Beaumont creates a visualization from scratch in 20 minutes. Enjoy expert viz commentary and decide if Simon’s viz is worthy of the top step on the podium.
  • Join the July 28 Sports, Women, and Data webinar and learn how women leaders in the sports world are using data to stay in a “championship” mindset.
  • Explore the data that powers your favorite sports on Tableau Public, where you can visualize, publish, and explore creations from like-minded data enthusiasts.

Let the Games begin!

Here’s to celebrating Team USA achievement and the fresh insights that only data can deliver. On your mark, get set, let’s viz!