Announcing the Tableau Community Hub—A new home to inspire and elevate your data journey

To the Tableau Community,

I’m coming up on the one year mark of moving into the amazing role of leading the Community team at Tableau, and there is one thing I know now more than ever: the Tableau Community is special. It’s unlike anything else I’ve seen, and that’s because of all of you. 

We are in awe, every single day, of the brilliance, helpfulness, kindness, and mind-blowing creativity that we see through every program and in every interaction—from big events like DataFam Community Jam and Iron Viz to small efforts like every #DataFam tweet. Not only is this a community that shares a passion for data, it’s also a community rallied around a genuine commitment to helping others succeed. From helping individuals learn Tableau and build their data skills, to helping organizations build data cultures and drive analytics at scale, the community is always there to help you along the journey. You have all created a truly special space that changes people's lives. Not only are we humbled by you, but we thank you. 

You are what makes the Tableau Community valuable: your expertise, your passion, your desire and continued commitment to make a difference. Tableau’s role in the community is to do what we can to help you shine. And to continue in that vein, I couldn’t be more excited to announce the new Community Hub. 

What you'll get from the Tableau Community Hub

The Community Hub is a space dedicated to elevating the people and programs of the community. It is one, centralized location where you can discover all community programs, making it easier for newcomers and community veterans alike to figure out how they want to engage. The Community Hub also showcases powerful content, projects, and visualizations from the community. You all have so much to share, and the Hub will be a great platform for your stories, expertise and insights to reach more people. 

The Community Hub will include:

  • A new Community Blog dedicated to highlighting content, projects, and stories from all over the world. This is an easy way for you to stay up to date on everything going on in the #DataFam. The blog will also feature a weekly community round-up that consolidates what’s trending in the community in one post. 
  • Community Profiles helping you learn more about each other and your journeys. 
  • Program updates so you know what’s happening with all of the community programs. From the latest user group in your area or industry, to new Public Featured Authors, or upcoming DataDev Hackathons, you’ll always be in the know. 
  • New to the Tableau Community? Check out the Welcome page to discover useful resources and ways to participate in the community, including tips directly from current community members!

The Community Hub is there to make it easier for everyone to engage, get inspired, and move forward in their data journey with the help of the powerful Tableau Community! 


Get started with the Tableau Community Hub

Start by visiting the Community Hub today! Dive into the content, watch the amazing community profile videos and be inspired by what the #DataFam all over the world is doing.

You’ve all experienced how the community can help you on your journey, and the more we connect and help others engage, the more we can amplify the intense power of data across our organizations and our very own communities. So, tell your friends and share the Hub with them! Everyone has something to learn, share, and gain from participating in the community, so let’s spread the word. 

And finally, we want you to broadcast your brilliance. As I mentioned, the new Community Blog is designed to be a platform for you to share. So, we invite you to send us your content! Send us your thoughts, ideas, blogs, tips, projects—anything you think will benefit the community—and we’ll share it with the world. You’ll find a content submission form here

The Tableau Community is special. You are what make it special. You all bring perspective from different backgrounds, industries, job titles, locations, families, expertise, skill sets, but you come together because you are all somewhere on this data journey. Some are at the very beginning, while some are well on their way and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Regardless of where you are on this journey, we're in it together, we are united by data. And this is the place where we come together and shine.

See you in the Community Hub,

Visit the Community Hub now.

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