Cut data prep time with the PDF connector and union updates in Tableau 10.3

Update: Tableau 10.3 is here! Download now to try out the feature outlined below.

We are making it even easier to connect Tableau to your data and jumpstart your analysis. With Tableau 10.3, we’re adding support for PDF files and expanding union support for several data sources.

PDF connector

PDF files are everywhere, from business reports to scientific publications (and everything in between). Many of the world’s great open data portals (like catalog and distribute data in PDF format.

Unfortunately, getting data out of PDF files can be a huge headache. There are some tools (like pdftext) that let you do that, but building that capability directly into Tableau will save you the frustration involved and let you focus your energy on analyzing and exploring the data itself.

The PDF connector will allow you to connect to PDF files, identify tables, and let you treat this like any other data source within Tableau.

With this connector, pre-processing data from PDF documents by brute force or copy-pasting is a thing of the past. Now you can connect to PDF documents like you can a text file, leverage all of Tableau’s awesome capabilities (cross data-source joins, parameters, and more), and build impactful visualizations with ease.

If you have PDF documents containing complex (hierarchical) tables, be assured that we’re continuing feature development with this in mind. We know there are some limitations, and we would love to hear from you about your experience and needs. I encourage you to vote up your requests on the Ideas Forum or reach out to us via the beta forum! (If you haven't yet, be sure to sign up for the beta program to get access to new features and product discussions.)

To learn more about the PDF connector, check out the Online Help.

Extending database connector support for union

With 10.3 beta, we are extending database union support to the following connectors:

  • Teradata
  • Greenplum
  • Cloudera Hadoop
  • Aster Database
  • IBM DB2
  • Hortonworks Hadoop
  • IBM Netezza

This is in addition to the originally supported list of connectors, which you can learn more about here. To learn more about data unions in Tableau, read the Online Help.

Try Tableau 10.3

Features in Tableau 10.3 shine a light on productivity for analysts and business leaders alike. Smarter data access for the analyst brings new connectors, from PDF to Dropbox. Recommendations based on machine learning suggest relevant tables and joins. Plus, the Tableau Bridge gives Tableau Online users live access to on-premises data. Stay on top of the business with functionality meant for scale. Data-driven alerts keep your finger on the pulse of your analytics, and web authoring and accessibility improvements keep everyone asking and answering questions of their data.

We are working hard to get Tableau 10.3 out the door, but first we need your input! We want your feedback as early as possible to catch any issues and ensure great new features. Check out our beta program to learn more and sign up.

Visit Coming Soon to learn about all the features we're planning for Tableau 10.3. We’ll update the site throughout the beta period with more info and deep dive videos.

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