Fanalytics Session Wrap: Feeding Your Passion at TCCEU

"I'm a cold, vulcan version of a football fan." So says Lee Mooney as he explains how, with nothing but a passion, some public data and Tableau Public, he's gone about turning the world of professional football upside-down.

Lee kicked off the Fanalytics pre-conference session on Monday with his thoughts on on football. Those very thoughts are now much sought-after by analysts, academics, and even the clubs themselves.

Next, John Burn-Murdoch of The Guardian Datablog told us about how a modern-day data journalist works, from free tools to gather and clean data to some of the fantastic visualizations they've created over the years.

Then the 60+ participants split into teams to analyze 50+ years of Top Album data. One hour later, all teams had published a killer analysis-- each very different. Click any image for the live dashboard.

The winners analyzed at the # of times an album re-entered the top chart:

The closest runner-up was a beautiful dashboard breaking down the decades:

Next, a very clever approach that shows you the top charts at your birth year & week:

This dashboard makes the point that over the decades it's been harder to stay at #1:

And "Now That's What I Call a Dashboard!" that tells you the chance an album will top the charts:

Finally, a good analysis that maps top albums and weeks at the top to show that yes, The Beatles were really the best:

And here's the link to the data (from wikipedia), in case you care to try your own:

Thanks to Lee, John and the very sporting participants in the session! It was a great time.

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