Droid Does Tableau Mobile

Since we launched Tableau Mobile with a native iPad app last summer, customers have gotten cozy with their data. They've taken it into meetings, operations centers, and on the road with them. But there was one problem: every time we showed customers the app, we were asked, "What about Android?"

Now it's here. Tableau has a new native Android app, as well as touch-optimized controls on visualizations viewed in the Android browser.

Tableau for the Android is similar to Tableau for the iPad. In the native apps, on the Android browser and in mobile Safari you will see touch-enabled controls when browsing Tableau Server:

  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Scrolling within long filters and views
  • Pinch & zoom functionality

And when you download the native Android app (just like in the iPad app) you also get touch-enabled content management to find your favorite content, search through visualizations and browse your projects.

Security is still handled by Tableau Server, so a lost device simply means changing your Tableau Server password to protect your content. No data is stored on the device, except some metadata like project names. Read more about Tableau Mobile.

Data on a tablet "breaks the mold"

Today we're announcing that the droid has arrived. InterWorks is a consulting company who armed all its people with the beta version of the native Android app. James Wright at InterWorks said that showing customers data on a tablet "breaks the mold" and engages people in the data in that moment, not back at their desk.

We've seen customers using our iPad app for sales teams, hospital staff, executives and in other scenarios. We expect even more customers to take advantage of mobile business intelligence now that Tableau is available for the Android.

What's it take?

  • Android Os 3.2 and higher
  • Tableau Server 7.0.6, available today
  • The desire to get up from your desk and go mobile

In honor of this release we put together this shopping comparison for Android tablets with data from AndroidAuthority.com:

Release the Droid.

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