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Tableau Server 9.0.3

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 9.0.25, which contains additional fixes.

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Tue, June 23, 2015

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Content did not display after upgrading because the Search index did not build.


When you used the tabcmd export command and the command timed out, the Vizqlserver process would not release the memory or CPU it was using. As a workaround, you could end the vizqlserver.exe process in Task Manager and let the process restart automatically


Removing permissions from a dashboard didn’t stop subscriptions from sending.


Tableau Server would stop responding and need to be restarted due to an excess of INFO messages being written to the zookeeper log file.


With a reverse proxy, URL redirection using a URL from a version of Tableau Desktop prior to 9.0 would redirect to an HTTP port instead of the expected HTTPS. This would produce a browser error.


After an upgrade to Tableau Desktop 9.0, when you attempted to reconnect to published data sources, a TDE DATEPART query compilation error resulted.


Under certain conditions, a user who accessed a workbook as a Guest user could view data as the publisher of the data. For more information, see the following Security Advisory article: Guest Users Can See Data As the Publisher User.


You could not synchronize Active Directory groups when any one user in the group had an object type of "InetOrgPerson".


Users accessing Tableau Server using trusted authentication could still sign in to sites that had been suspended or locked. For more information, see the following Security Advisory article: On Locked or Suspended Sites, Customers Can Sign In Using Trusted Tickets.


After you removed tags from workbooks and views, the tags still appeared in the tag filter.


Under certain conditions, a workbook viewed on Tableau Server could show data from a published data source on another site. For more information, see the following Security Advisory article: Workbook Shows Data From Different Site.


When you changed dashboard quick filters on an iOS device using Tableau Mobile or a Safari browser, dimension headers did not update.


A user with the Interactor site role could not create a new workbook from a published data source for which they had Publisher permissions.


When you published a workbook that included R Scripts, a misleading error message appeared: "One or more of your views cannot be viewed on the platform to which you are publishing: - This worksheet contains R scripts, which cannot be viewed on the target platform until the administrator configures an Rserve connection." The workbook was published and all sheets could be viewed.


Dashboards that used many action filters sometimes appeared blank when they were published to Tableau Server.


You could use the tabcmd editdomain command to change the local domain.


Tableau Server returned the following error: "Tableau Exception: SQL Server does not exist or access denied" for a packaged workbook with an extract of a SQL database.


Blank pages appeared when Tableau Server and Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox were configured for a Norwegian locale.


Published workbooks that used shape marks sometimes generated repeated errors: "Unexpected error: Uncaught IndexSizeError".


Labels on treemaps in views published to Tableau Server sometimes were incorrectly displayed. Some labels were incorrectly compressed.


Intermittent DataSourceException errors (Invalid object name) sometimes occurred for published workbooks with a connection to Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10 or 11.


When you switched between custom views using a parameter control, the view reloaded but the data in the view did not.


After upgrade to Tableau Server 9.0, a permissions table error occurred. Content didn't appear because the Search index didn't build.


When connected to a Microsoft Analysis Services database, removing values from a multiple-value custom list sometimes didn't update the view.

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