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Tableau Server 8.2.3

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 8.2.22, which contains additional fixes.

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Mon, September 29, 2014

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

When publishing an Oracle connection, the calculation for the Number of Records field was rewritten to use additional functions. Consequently, query optimizations were invalidated, causing workbook performance to degrade significantly.


After a user's license status was changed to Unlicensed, the user continued to receive subscription email.


Dashboards containing parameter and filter drop-down controls were unaligned after being published to Tableau Server.


Views that include a page card were displaying significantly more slowly in a browser than in Tableau Desktop.


When using filter on a published dashboard, the filter selection remains after exiting to the workbook selection screen and then going back to the same dashboard.


When you clicked Publish for an extract or workbook that uses an OData connection, nothing was published and an OData auth error appeared in the logs.


The REST API allowed you to set userQuota or storageQuota but you could not remove the quota values using the REST API.


After upgrading Tableau Server, accessing the User Preferences page caused the following 404 error: “The requested URL was not found on this server."


When you made a connection to a Pivotal Greenplum database, Tableau Server would use a 64-bit Postgres driver rather than an installed 32-bit Data Direct driver.


Working with a relative date filter caused a "tagName is null or not an object" error in Internet Explorer 8.


Attempting to load views from Tableau Server through Windows Server 2012 Web Application Proxy resulted in a "Failed to re-initialize session" error.


When using Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8, accessing an administrative view that contains a quantitative quick filter with a range of zero caused an “Error: Invalid Argument.” error.


A workbook that uses at least one extract data source and a TDE data source caused the workbook to be unusable after a scheduled extract refresh.


Using a set as a filter caused some quick filter values to display “no value.”


When connecting to Google BigQuery, if users were granted access to a BigQuery dataset but not the project being used for the connection, they were unable to share a workbook or re-publish it to Tableau Server.


After running tabadmin ziplogs, the file buildversion.txt did not contain the version. The file now contains the version and other useful information in an easy to read format.


Some JavaScript API asynchronous commands resulted in a "SyntaxException" error due to NaN values for some dates.

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