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Tableau Server 8.1.7

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 8.1.25, which contains additional fixes.

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Tue, May 13, 2014

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

For a filter action that targets a hidden sheet, Tableau Server sometimes displayed the hidden sheet rather than the dashboard that includes the sheet.


During Tableau Server installation, when the Tableau Server primary used a custom logo that resided on a mapped drive letter that did not exist on the worker machines, an "Invalid values" error occurred.


When accessing Tableau Server over HTTP with SSL enabled, users are automatically redirected to HTTPS. However, this redirect was not happening when Tableau Server had multiple gateways and an "?:embed=y" URL parameter was used in a view.


Using SAML authentication with Tableau sometimes created a security issue.


Improved the stability and performance of the synchronization component used for data extracts in highly available server clusters.


Selecting an item in a parameter drop-down list in a view did not change the visual appearance of the item to indicate that it was selected.


When a Tableau Desktop 8.0 workbook using an SAP BW data source was published to Tableau Server 8.1, aliases changed from Name values to Key values.


Check marks in quick filters disappeared when a workbook created from a Microsoft Analysis Services data source was published to Tableau Server.


A full extract refresh from an Amazon Redshift data source sometimes failed with the following error: “Communication error while getting a tuple; Error fetching next row”.


If the SSL certificate file specified in the Tableau Server configuration was missing, Apache did not start. The tabadmin start command did not provide any error message. The error message in the Apache logs was not relayed.


The tabadmin failoverprimary command did not work if the value of the --primary option had a space between the IP addresses or computer names.


After exporting a view to a CSV file, any columns that were created from a calculated field in the table were displayed in random order, and other columns were displayed in alphabetical order. The exported sheet should retain the order of columns originally specified in the Tableau Desktop view.


Trying to restore the default name (that is, " Tableau Server") for an instance of Tableau Server using the command "tabadmin customize name -d" returned the error: "can't convert false into Hash".


Parameter drop-down lists opened slowly.


When hovering over a field in the view, drill-down and sort icons disappeared.


Dashboards on Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0, appeared to be sliding down and to the right.


Data source filters could prevent join culling on published data sources, leading to performance issues.


Custom logos sometimes overlapped the Display Options link in the Share View dialog box. This dialog box no longer supports custom logos.


Typing a letter to jump to the entries beginning with that letter in a parameter list was not working. Repeatedly pressing a letter key now scrolls through items in a parameter list beginning with that letter. After the last such item, selection returns to the first item (wraps around).


When editing views on Tableau Server, adding a dimension to the view or using Show Me caused intermittent errors: “An unexpected error occurred on the server”.


When exporting a view to image or PDF, with the caption not enabled, the resulting file showed the caption.

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