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Tableau Server 8.0.5

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 8.0.22, which contains additional fixes.

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Tue, October 08, 2013

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Tableau Server would stop working or display a Session Time Limit Exceeded error when left running continuously for longer than 50 days.

Changes to a Tableau Server data source were not reflected when editing on the web until the host computer was restarted.

Text typed into a parameter control was incorrectly converted to upper case.

Clicking on a dashboard filter action would not show a spinner to indicate that the action was processing.

A Vertica connection error sometimes appeared when connecting to a Vertica database.


Opening a Single Values(Dropdown) quick filter would sometimes take several seconds to open in Chrome and Internet Explorer 8.

In some cases, Tableau Server incorrectly reported that the data server was down on worker machines that did not have an Apache web server component installed.

Tooltips would not always show all of the data, would show incorrect formatting, and often would clip action links at the bottom of the tooltip.

Deleting an Active Directory user that had administrative rights, could also cause any groups the user created to be deleted.

The Tableau Server data engine high availability is now more robust. The data engine will be suspended only when the license check is successful and the computer is unlicensed. If Tableau Server is unable to check the license, it will continuously restart itself and the data engine until the license is successfully checked.

When using web authoring, clicking Done would redirect to the Workbook page if the underlying sheets in the dashboard were not published or were hidden during publish. This behavior gave unexpected results to the workbook page when using restricted trusted tickets. Clicking done now redirects back to the page the user was on prior to editing.

Tableau Server would sometimes stop responding when accessing workbooks that had JOIN clauses that generated very large queries.


Corrected a number of cross site scripting (XSS) security vulnerabilities.

Exporting to PDF from an embedded workbook resulted in an HTTP Error 410 message.

In a distributed Tableau Server environment, downloading a workbook would sometimes fail when the cluster was configured to have all Application Servers processes on workers instead of the primary computer.

When connected to an Amazon Redshift data source that had been published to Tableau Server, queries generated for relative date filters using the NOW() function, would sometimes result in the error message TableauServer-RedshiftError-06202013.txt.

Tableau Server would sometimes stop working or display a Session Ended by Server error when connecting to a Google BigQuery datasource.

Modifying a custom SQL parameter would not correctly update the view if there were context filters on the sheet.

Upgrading to Tableau Server 8.0 could fail if a custom All Users group has been defined.


A worksheet containing a title and nothing else would not render when published to Tableau Server

Subscriptions would fail when a backslash (\) character existed in the SMTP username with the error message SMTP server authentication failed The backslash character is now supported in the username.

The error, Your session has expired do you want to log in again appeared intermittently while using the Permissions page.

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