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Tableau Server 8.0.4

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 8.0.22, which contains additional fixes.

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Tue, August 27, 2013

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

When using Internet Explorer 8 and Tableau Server with Active Directory and Enable Automatic Login, clicking between dashboard tabs would result in an Unknown Visual ID error.

When a Tableau Server workbook opened to a dashboard that was published with fixed axes (pin icon), the zoom controls would sometimes not work as expected.

Calculated fields would sometimes return incorrect results after publishing to Tableau Server when the formula used COUNTD and referenced a field from a secondary data source.

Importing users from an recursive group in Active Directory using tabcmd syncgroup would take a very long time or never complete.

In Tableau Server and Tableau Public, dashboards were not updated when modifying a DATETIME parameter slider control.

In earlier versions of Tableau Server, when the VizQL server process ran out of memory, it would become unresponsive, then it would restart. Any server users who were using that process would receive the error message Session ended by server. Now, if a user session requests more memory than is available on the VizQL process, that user will receive an Out of memory message and the VizQL server process will remain responsive for all other server users.

When a workbook on Tableau Server used a parameter to choose the dimension on Color, combined with filters that also modify color, the colors in the view would not update correctly when the workbook was opened, even though the legend would update.

Using tabcmd to export a PDF with the fullpdf option would cause a nesting of 20 is too deep error message when the workbook contained complex visualizations. The maximum depth has been removed to accommodate exporting these types of workbooks.

In some cases, subscribing to a custom view would deliver the original view in the email instead of the custom view.

Publishing a workbook to Tableau Server using an extract from an Excel data source, could result in an Unknown data source class 'excel' response code 500 error.

While using Chrome or Firefox web browsers on Windows 8, clicking single-select quick filter menus or toolbar buttons with a mouse would not work if your computer was compatible with a touch screen.

Users could sometimes not log in to the server when the domain nickname did not match the NetBIOS domain name.

The Tableau Server Administrator Guide was no longer available in PDF format. The guide can once again be downloaded from

Data engine synchronization activities on a Tableau Server worker would sometimes consume significant CPU resources, requiring a restart of the primary Tableau Server.

When using the Google Chrome browser, text would sometimes be clipped.

In some workbooks with complex dashboards, filtering data from a worksheet to a dashboard would cause an Unknown VisualID error when the workbook was opened in a web browser.

Tableau Server subscription emails would sometimes fail to post if the SMTP server was using SSL.

If the Default project was removed from Tableau Server and a new site was created, the error message 'Tableau Server encountered an internal error' would sometimes display.

The error messages DataSourceException: The protocol is disconnected! or Communication link failure sometimes appeared when opening a Tableau Server workbook when the workbook met the following criteria: it had action filters, it was connected to an IBM Netezza database, and it was being simultaneously accessed by multiple users.

If a view used a URL filter in combination with a parameter and the parameters display name was different from its value, the URL filter would sometimes display an incorrect value.

URL Actions that contained variables as part of the URL would not work properly when the workbook was published to Tableau Server.

A published workbook that connects to a Microsoft Analysis Services database and contains multiple filters would not display data when refreshed if two or more filters had been changed.

When using Internet Explorer 8 to open a dashboard on Tableau Server, switching between tabs could cause images to disappear from the dashboard.

Default worksheet shading was not displaying consistently after workbooks were published to Tableau Server. The color would display correctly when browser rendering was disabled.

Hidden dimensions were visible when web editing a workbook that connects to a Microsoft Analysis Services database.

Exporting an image from a published workbook using the URL option refresh=y would not show the latest data in the exported image.

The default Java memory setting was increased to help avoid wgserver out of memory errors.

On servers configured to use Active Directory for user authentication, users without a full name set in Active Directory would fail with a NullPointer Exception: Null TString error. The friendly name is now set to the username in these cases.

When sorting Sites by % Quota Used, sites were not always sorted from the greatest to smallest percentage.

Workbooks containing a filter action which opened another sheet in a new window would sometimes not perform the action correctly once the workbook was published to Tableau Server. The filter action would work as expected when client-side rendering was disabled.

When publishing to Tableau Server 8.0, views that had the quick filter Include/Exclude option disabled in Tableau Desktop would still show that option on the server.

Modifying a filter while Tableau Server was still redrawing the screen sometimes resulted in a Session Ended by Server error.

In some cases, users with only viewer permissions could browse to the Groups list via the project permissions page.

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