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Tableau Server 2020.3

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 2020.3.14, which contains additional fixes.

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The download file for this version has been removed due to the security issues currently identified in CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046. In order to address these security issues, you must update to the newest version of your desired Tableau product. For more information please see the Knowledge Article, Apache Log4j2 vulnerability (Log4shell)

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Tue, August 11, 2020

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Labels on bottom headers with significant label skipping would not render.


The VizQL Server process would sometimes hang due to out of memory errors with the Java Heap Space.


Flow performance history would not display correctly when run before 00:00 UTC when relative date filter set for "Today" and Tableau Server set to non-UTC.


When a large dataset was download, sometimes not all data was available in the output file.


When attempting to open a workbook the following error would sometimes occur,
"TableauException: TFilesystem::LastWriteTime() -- Cannot get modification time of non-existent path".


When publishing extract files via the REST API including tabcmd, or other third-party tools, a data source would sometimes be created without field metadata. Ask Data would not display fields in the fields panel, except for "Number of Records"


When loading a published view on Tableau Server an error would sometimes occur, "Unexpected token in JSON at position xxx".


An intermittent error would occur when opening a view, "TableauException: ColumnTable: Schema/DataTable mismatch".


When attempting to download full data from a workbook, an error would sometimes occur, "Tableau Server encountered an error while working with this worksheet."


An email that contained a subscription PDF file sometimes displayed the original view instead of the subscribed custom view.


When migrating a workbook in the Migration Content Tool, and error would sometimes occur, "Error generating view metadata. Could not find thumbnail for workbook".

In the Content Migration Tool when migrating a workbook, an error would sometimes occur, "Error generating view metadata. Could not find thumbnail for workbook".


OData extract refreshes would fail after the update to version 2020.2 if the Odata server name contained a blank space.


Refreshing a data source and viewing the visualization as the same user would sometimes lead to a data mismatch between the visualization and a parameter.


Content Migration Tool would sometimes fail when migrating a full Site with an out-of-memory condition.


A "DataServiceFailure" error or "insufficient privileges to operate on schema" sometimes occurred when trying to refresh or open a workbook with a published Snowflake connection.


With server-side rendering, a Show/Hide button containing a sheet would initially display blank.


In the Content Migration Tool an error would sometimes occur, "Error joining projects".


In the Content Migration Tool an error would sometimes occur, "Failed to download workbook. Error downloading workbook [Workbook Name], The underlying connection was closed"


Sometimes when migrating data an error would occur in the Content Migration Tool, "Invalid data source file, Illegal characters in path".


LBLM License Usage Dashboard would sometimes display the error, "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'domNode' of undefined".


Unexpected Server Error would sometimes occur when loading a dashboard with a date filter.


Using the Data Management Add-on with a large amount of content, performance and disk space issues could occur with the Repository.


Tableau Prep Builder failed incremental refresh when the published extract is encrypted.

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