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Tableau Server 2018.2.2

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 2018.2.29, which contains additional fixes.

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The Windows version has been removed due to an issue with certificates preventing it from being able to install correctly. For more details, please see this Knowledge Base article.

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Tue, October 02, 2018

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

When attempting to load a workbook, the following error would appear: "Unexpected Error: An unexpected error occurred. If you continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server Administrator. Session ID: ###### Maximum call stack size exceeded."


In Tableau Server on Linux environments, Microsoft Azure SQL based published data sources failed to connect to the database when you published them with prompt user authentication.


TSM Controller processes consumed CPU cycles even when Tableau Server was stopped. On lower-spec systems, this could result in continuous high CPU activity.


In Tableau Server environments installed on German localized Windows operating systems, the data update time inserted in text objects always showed the current time instead of when the data source extract was last refreshed.


Data source passwords were not remembered even after you checked the Remember Password box when prompted for data source credentials.


When you edited a published Salesforce data source in Tableau Server, to update the password, the change would not be correctly saved even though the operation appeared to complete successfully. As a result, any scheduled extract refreshes for the data source would fail with an error: "INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out."


Tableau Bold and Tableau Semibold fonts did not render correctly in published views.


An unexpected error could sometimes occur, due to VizQL Server processes crashing, when loading some workbooks.


In some cases, background images would intermittently disappear when reloading a dashboard.


Configuring Tableau Server to allow data repository access would fail if the server was still running.


In some cases, Tableau Server memory usage could steadily grow and result in poor performance when loading views. A server restart was usually required to restore expected performance.


Scheduled extract refreshes would fail for workbooks containing an extract of a published extract data source and a Viz in Tooltip in one of its views.


Installation of Tableau Server would fail if the specified Run As service account name contained a "\u" character sequence (e.g. DOMAIN\uxxxx).


A "Cannot read property 'x' of undefined" error would occur when loading some map views with a large number of marks.


Changing your Tableau Server name to a name containing a Unicode character, using the 'tsm customize --server-name' command, would fail with an error and leave Tableau Server in an unrecoverable degraded state.


You could not group fields by data source table in the data pane when connected to a published data source containing an extract and a data source filter.


When embedding views using the Javascript API, container div element dimensions in HTML embed code were not respected.


Subscribe button was sometimes missing from workbooks with embedded Google BigQuery connections.


Performing a TSM backup could fail if a TSM controller node did not also have a File Store process configured on the same node.


Sometimes, performance degraded while exporting a full PDF using tabcmd.


When you tried to Save As when web authoring a workbook that used Google BigQuery with embedded credentials, a "This workbook contains a Google Big Query data source which requires embedded credentials. To save as another workbook, select "Embed password for data source"." error occurred.


When viewing the Site Status "Background Tasks for Extracts" administrative view in Tableau Online and Tableau Server, red "Error" marks are not shown for failed refreshes when client language is set to a non-English language.


In published views with continuous date filters, sometimes a thousands separator comma was inserted in the year (For example, 1995 became 1,995).


Interactor or Explorer site role using seat-based license key unable to connect to published data source via Web edit after upgrade to 2018.1.


Tableau Server 2018.2 install fails, when using a domain account starting with the letter U for the Run As Service account.


When using a monitoring software on the computer running Tableau Server, sometimes users were unable to login, services were down, and vizportal process threads increased rapidly due to the monitoring software continuously sending requests to systeminfo.xml.


In Tableau Server 2018.2, a DataServiceFailure error would occur when using published extracts if the operating system locale did not match one of the languages in which Tableau's UI is available.


If the time zone on the host system is set to a time zone that is not identified as a named java time zone (Examples: -11:00, -12:00, -3 with 'adjust daylight savings automatically' disabled), TSM fails to initialize at step 13. These uncommonly used time zones in the Pacific makes java default to a generic value for the key Cfg.config.logging.time.zone_id.


When running manual or scheduled Snowflake extract refreshes on Tableau Online and Tableau Server 2018.2, the refresh task fails with "Missing Password" error.


When attempting to open or web-edit a workbook connected to TabPy on Tableau Server, an "An unexpected error occurred. If you continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server Administrator" error sometimes occurred.

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