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Tableau Server 2018.2

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 2018.2.29, which contains additional fixes.

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The Windows version has been removed due to an issue with certificates preventing it from being able to install correctly. For more details, please see this Knowledge Base article.

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Mon, July 30, 2018

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

In some cases where special characters were used in worksheet or dashboard titles and a user attempts to view the summary or full data on Tableau Server, a LogicException: Internal Error – An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed error would be presented.


Downloading data from some workbooks containing special characters in the workbook or sheet titles would result in an internal error.


SAP HANA variables and input parameters, set for a given workbook, were not respected when generating subscription emails for views in the workbook.


When you were connected to IBM DB2 and using date filters, the TIMESTAMP_ISO function was sometimes used in queries which negatively impacted performance.


In some cases, if you had multiple sheets with viz in tooltip on a dashboard, the views in the tooltips would not render when you moved your cursor between the sheets.


In the Tableau Mobile app on Android devices, changing a filter selection or selecting a mark did not update the view or the selection would reset.

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