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Tableau Server 10.5.3

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 10.5.29, which contains additional fixes.

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Wed, April 11, 2018

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

In some workbooks with complex and nested calculations, when extracts were converted to .hyper format, Tableau Server experienced high CPU utilization and performance degradation.


In Tableau Server environments where workbooks contain complex and nested calculations, sometimes performance issues and high CPU usage occurred when loading workbooks after extracts were converted to .hyper format.


When viewing Full Data in Tableau Desktop or downloading Full Data in Tableau Server, sometimes a timeout error occurred.


When attempting to insert a user filter in Tableau Desktop, if there were multiple Tableau Server groups with the same name, they all showed the user list from the first group created, and the filter selection would apply to all groups with the same name.


When attempting to restore a backup or add a worker to a server with site SAML configured, a Restore error: Failed to convert SSL certificate to .der format error sometimes occurred.


Views connected to Amazon Redshift would fail to refresh with an Error occurred while trying to prepare a query message if the Redshift instance had been rebooted after the view was initially loaded.


Level of detail calculations containing user references would disappear from a data source after it was published to Tableau Server.


Apply and Cancel buttons for filters were still displayed even when there were no items to select in the filter.


Materialized calculated fields were removed from published extracts when refreshed using the Refresh Extracts option in the Tableau Server UI.


Selecting a project when publishing a workbook to Tableau Server would sometimes cause Tableau Desktop to crash. Upgrading Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server is required to resolve this issue.


Updating multiple gigabyte extracts from .tde to .hyper via incremental refresh would fail consistently.


Materialized calculated fields were removed from published extracts when refreshed using the Refresh from Source option in Tableau Desktop or when refreshed using Tableau Bridge.


Unexpected scroll bars would sometimes appear in filter drop down menus when a view was loaded in Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox browsers.


Workbook level permissions could not be edited when the Tableau Server user language was set to German.


The Query Views for Site REST API endpoint did not return project fields when requested.


Date filter calendar controls would initially appear in the wrong place when the date filter was clicked.


The Full Data tab, when downloading data from a view, was incorrectly shown for views connected to cube data sources.


In environments with mixed SAML and non-SAML sites, you could not add a site-SAML user to a SAML site if you had first signed into a non-SAML site and then switched to the SAML site. The converse was also true if you first signed into a SAML site and then switched to a non-SAML site you were incorrectly presented the option of adding a SAML user.

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