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Monday, September 25, 2017

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What's New

For server and site administrators:

Support for Recommended Data Sources

Recommended data sources show Tableau Desktop users relevant data sources published to Tableau Server. These recommendations are based on published data sources used by other users in your organization with similar usage behavior as the current user. To keep the recommendations accurate and up to date, the server checks for the following each day:

  • New content - for example, new or updated data sources.

  • New usage information - for example, Laura Rodriquez used the Food Catering data source and Henry Wilson used the Monthly Sales data source.

You can configure the schedule for this process under the "Recommendations Trainer" section of the General server settings page. For more information, see Server Settings (General).

Data source certification

To complement recommended data source functionality, certification offers a way to promote data sources through curation. Site administrators and project leaders can certify data sources that meet your organization’s security and compliance standards, or any other standards you define. For more information, see Use Certification to Help Users Find Trusted Data.

Enhanced commenting on views

Commenting has been completely redesigned to inspire conversations about data discoveries. For more information, see Comment on Views in Tableau user Help.

Comments are supported for all sites by default, but administrators can disable them for specific ones. While viewing a site, click Settings, and uncheck Allow users to comment on views.

For general users:

New features and enhancements related to web authoring and interacting with views on the web are now listed in What's New in Tableau for Users and Web Authoring and Tableau Desktop Feature Comparison.

To access topics that used to be located in the User Guide section of Tableau Server Help, see Using Tableau on the Web.

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