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Tableau Server 10.3.2

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 10.3.26, which contains additional fixes.

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Thu, August 03, 2017

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Several changes were applied to improve security. See ADV-2017-16 & ADV-2017-18 in Security Bulletins for more details.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

In some cases, when Hebrew text was used in a parameter and the parameter values were displayed in a dashboard, the word Parameter would be displayed instead of the parameter value.


Scheduled extract refreshes could sometimes fail with an error: Bin depends on non-existent field, ignoring bin.


Extracts on Tableau Server with hidden columns could sometimes be unhidden during an extract refresh.


When you hovered over a hyperlink using Tableau Online or Tableau Server and IE11, the hyperlink did not immediately become active. 


When you embedded a view with the Guest account disabled, after signing in, Tableau Server did not display the view but instead continued to show the sign in button.


Date filter slider labels were not displayed in the expected date format on mobile devices.


The Get Users on Site REST API call would sometimes return duplicate values.


Auto-complete for calculated fields did not work in web authoring when copying and pasting text into the calculation dialog.


Backgrounder processes would sometime crash during periodic process restarts. Crash dump files were generated during these periodic events and eventually resulted in excessive disk space consumption.


An internal error would sometimes occur when the Force y-intercept to zero trend line option was used.


A typically benign error, Failed to load proxy credentials: 'The parameter is incorrect.' showed up excessively in log files, making troubleshooting difficult.


The Export to PDF dialog would be truncated when you rotated an iPad Mini to landscape orientation and attempted to export a view to PDF using an iOS compatible browser.


The New User dialog, when All Sites was selected, incorrectly listed Add users for single sign-on (SSO) authentication with site-specific SAML as an option.


When you published a workbook to a project, and then the workbook was moved to a different project by a server administrator, attempting to publish a workbook with the same name to the original project would result in an error: Workbook name is already in use. Publishing will overwrite the existing workbook.


In some cases, previously working connections to SAP HANA began failing with a Communication with the Tableau Protocol Server process was lost. error after upgrading to Tableau 10.2 or higher.


A session ended by server error would occur when loading certain workbooks.


TypeError or Script Error or Uncaught Error... When Loading Tableau Online and Tableau Public Views. Please see… for details and resolutions.


Activating or refreshing a license key for Tableau Server would fail with a maximum activations error more often than expected.


Published extracts based on Custom SQL could not be refreshed using the Data Extract Command Line Utility or the Online Sync Client (Tableau Bridge).


After upgrading to Tableau Server 10.2 or higher from a previous version, some views began timing out when you tried to load them.


When embedded credentials was disabled, non-admin publishers trying to save a workbook in web authoring would encounter an unexpected error.


When you refreshed data in a view using the toolbar button, performance when reloading the view would sometimes be very slow.


If a workbook contained a Multiple Values (Custom List) filter, and was published with Prompt User authentication, an error would occur when the workbook was viewed in Tableau Server.


Published data sources containing custom SQL with parameters joined to other tables would fail to load with an error: Custom SQL relation refers to a non-existent parameter


File Store process status was not available in distributed environments configured using hostnames containing capital letters. Please see for details.


The drop down menu arrow in the Pages controls did not show as expected.

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