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Tableau Prep 2021.1.1

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Tue, January 19, 2021

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Resolved Issues

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An incorrect export could result in a CSV after replacing NULL with a ZN function.


The product could stop working when there were over 3000 changes in a single clean step.


With some versions it would not be possible to view all fields in a list from a Union result.


It would sometimes not be possible to edit the filter values in a new inserted flow that contained a clean step with selected values.


An input to a union would sometimes throw an incorrect error that a CSV file was not loaded.


"System error: Unable to run input step: Unable to generate output to database or file: all inputs to union must have matching column types" could occur at the final union step of the flow even though all column types match.


A "No such column. DataServiceFailure" error could occur when connected to an data source with object model relationships.


In version 2020.1.5, the flow file could be unresponsive when a pivot node was selected. The error would sometimes display the following text, "Failure evaluating to database: [143] hyper_execute_query: 0 Could not allocate enough memory."

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