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Tableau Desktop 9.3.6

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 9.3.24, which contains additional fixes.

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Mon, August 15, 2016

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Release Notes for Tableau 9.3.6 Note: Tableau Desktop customers in environments with Product Updates enabled will be prompted to upgrade a few days after a maintenance release is made available. For more information, see the Tableau Knowledge Base.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Loading certain workbooks, containing table calculations, could cause total consumption of system memory.


When connected to Teradata, in Tableau Desktop, the ProxyUser query band value would not be sent correctly to the database as an empty string when additional characters were appended to the <ProxyUser> query band parameter.


When connected to Cloudera Impala in Tableau Desktop, certain date fields would return null values.


Creating an extract in Tableau Desktop would fail with a "mismatched row counts" error if you had a group in a view and the group was based on a field that was also being used as a data source filter.


In some cases in Tableau Desktop, when you were connected to a cube data source, dimensions inserted into sheet titles did not display the correct member values.


In Tableau Desktop, when you filtered using a top computed set and an INDEX() calculation a no such column error would occur.


In Tableau Desktop, when you extracted a table containing very long column names an error would sometimes occur: "Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: SimpleDatabase::SelectMetadataName".


Attempting to connect to a corrupted or locked Excel file would sometimes cause Tableau Desktop to crash.


Workbooks created in a version prior to Tableau Desktop 9.3, containing a reference line configured to use maximum, minimum, average, or median aggregation, would display a different reference line value when opened in Tableau Desktop 9.3.


When you adjusted the size of a dashboard using the range option in Tableau Desktop, the size control values often showed incorrectly after navigating to a different sheet and returning to the dashboard or after re-opening the workbook. The actual size of the dashboard would be correct, however, as the issue only affected the values displayed in the size controls.


In some cases when parameters are duplicated in Tableau Desktop, due to conflicting parameter names in the workbook and the data source, views did not correctly update when you changed the parameter selection.


In some cases when you had a workbook containing multiple extracted connections to the same data source, that were created by pasting a sheet or adding a bookmark, editing one of the data sources would modify and overwrite the other data sources.


In Tableau Desktop, when you had a dropdown filter containing only a single value, the filter selection was shown as "(All)" even if the Show "All" Value option was not checked.


Tableau Desktop would sometimes crash when you attempted to publish a workbook to Tableau Server.


When you attempted to add a filter to a dashboard with a horizontal scroll bar, Tableau Desktop would sometimes crash.


Tableau Desktop would often crash when you attempted to edit a large, complex data source.


In some cases, refreshing an extract in Tableau Desktop would refresh the extract using cached data and fail to correctly update the extract with new data. This affected extracts based on relational data sources and did not affect affect those based on file-based data sources.

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