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Tableau Desktop 8.3.4

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 8.3.20, which contains additional fixes.

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Tue, March 17, 2015

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Quick filters in Polish listed the days of the week were listed alphabetically, rather than in calendar order.


Using stored procedures to connect to a SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) database caused the error: “The stored procedure "" does not return a result set, or the result set columns do not have names."


Creating a full outer join using the generic ODBC connection to SQLite caused the error: “Unexpected error.” The full outer join type is no longer visible for general ODBC connections to SQLite.


Using custom SQL to join tables in HIVE connections caused error: “FAILED: ParseException.”


A Teradata field of data type "Decimal(16,3)" was multiplied by 1000.


Editing a calculated member field in an MSAS data source caused the field to revert from a discrete field to a continuous field.


For SQL Server, case sensitivity in the Describe Field dialog box was incorrect when custom SQL was used.


In Tableau Desktop, opening multiple instances of a workbook that is published to Tableau Server displayed incorrect workbook names, beginning with the second instance of the workbook.


For languages that Tableau is not localized into, the days of the week were sorted alphabetically, instead of the order of occurrence.


When connecting to an IBM Netezza database, using incorrect case for a database name resulted in the error:
"ERROR: invalid database name '', does not exist
ODBCProtocolImpl::ReadForeignKeys: Error: Unable to read foreign key metadata.
ODBCProtocolImpl::ReadForeignKeys: Warning: Unable to read foreign key metadata using NULL qualifiers"
and Tableau Desktop was unable to assume referential integrity.


Refreshing an extract that contained a hidden or excluded OUT column from an IN/OUT set caused an error: “Error parsing filter for field ‘IN/OUT (’, ignoring filter.”


Exporting a workbook to PDF caused a large "Show History" check box to show over the page control on the upper-right corner of the PDF.


After importing a workbook B into a workbook A (using the File > Import Workbook option), the parameters from the imported workbook B were replaced by the parameters from workbook A.


When you had connections to two Google Analytics data sources with a shared Dimension and added a field from each data source to a view, a warning message incorrectly said to join the data when it should have said to blend the data. The message: "The Primary and secondary connections are from tables in the same data source. Instead of linking the connections, use the Data menu to join the data."

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